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About Becanada

"BECANADA" , "BEST-HOST" , "ISell Classifieds", "Gptsm-Systems" and other fine Internet properties.

Becanada is a division of D.B Software Ent. INC - A registered member of the Chamber of Commerce.

D.B Software Ent. INC
Federally Incorporated Private Corporation
Member of the Chamber of Commerce

Becanada creates and sells software and services worldwide to automate internet advertising [Ultimate Promoter, AOS], to control spam, email long/short term follow up systems, run classifieds service[s], submit to search engines, run classifieds services online, website replication [used by our sites and many other sites worldwide - over 100,000 affiliates count on our software to work 24/7/365 every single day] and many other types of desktop and server based software.

BEcanada also operates a hosting service ["BEST-HOST.COM"] providing hosting services, dedicated servers , website design services, custom server applications, website / affiliate applications/software and does custom programing for clients worldwide.

We publish 3 free internet marketing newsletters "Cashlinks Affiliate Newsletter ", "ISell Training Newsletter", and "Internet Marketing Newsletter " with over 100,000 subscribers total and operates several other websites, services and affiliate programs.

Consulting Services and Custom Programming / Projects are also available on a case by case basis. We also provide free internet marketing support for all clients on an ongoing basis.

Becanada is a division of D.B Software Ent. INC and a registered member of the Chamber of Commerce. In business online since 1996 it is privately owned and operated. We have clients in every country and an affiliate network of over 24,000 affiliates called "Cashlinks".


Our mission is to save you time and increase your income in less time through time saving products and services and get you the information you need to make your online marketing successful.

We began our internet business in 1996, and have since grown to having a family of over 24000 affiliates world wide (Cashlinks). We decided early, that is would be better to share income to reach clientele rather than try and do it all ourselves. As a result our members and our company have prospered through incredible growth in the last year.

But we decided to go TWO steps further...

In addition to developing a huge reseller network, we train our people and also allow them to place links on their Cashlinks website. This acts two fold - one, our members get trained so they can succeed not only with their own Cashlinks website, but with their own internet marketing too. And, allowing them to place links on their sites gives them that many more opportunities to earn income on every client that click's-thru to their site.

We are totalled committed to your satisfaction with our products and services. Read our customer comments page to see what our customers think of us and our products.

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Sections Breakdown:

Company Details:

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Registered Members of:

Registered Business ID: 971336912 operating as Belton Enterprises since 1996.
Federally & Provincally Incorporated in year 2000 as David Belton Software Enterprises INC
Providing Software Solutions and Website Hosting/Business solutions and services.

Located at:

Corporate Offices Located at:
195 Spruce Ridge Road, Carp, Ontario, k0a1l0, Canada
(5 minutes West of Kanata, 20 Minutes West of Ottawa, Canada's Capital City)

Founded and Privately Owned by :

David Belton

Main Websites:

Additional Websites Owned and Operated By Us:

Networking Division [ David Belton Networking INC, 2000]

Operated by David Belton Networking INC, Incorporated in 2000 - Federally, and Provincally.
Software systems/Websites/Hosting by D.B Software Ent. INC.

Main Networking Sites:

Cashlinks Member Sites ('members code' is the ID for that member):

  • Main   : http://www.becanada.com/$/?member code

  • Mirror : http://www.auto-submit.com/?members code

  • Mirror : http://www.totalpromote.com/?members code

There are now over 32000 Cashlinks resellers worldwide. Want to sign up FREE? Click here. for complete details. Have comment about a reseller? Please email us and include their ID.

Becanada's Cashlinks Members Site - Click here

Email Addresses:

  • sales@becanada.com , support@best-host.com

  • Email us by clicking here please.

Phone / Fax Numbers:

Hours of operation 10 am to 5 pm Eastern Standard Time [North America], Monday thru Friday:

    Other countries - please check international dialing code for Canada and dial above number.

  • PLEASE No phone solicitations - use email.

  • Please use EMAIL support outside these hours, it is active 7 days per week - please include your timezone, time you can be reached and challenge you are having and/or questions you have. Email us by clicking here.

Customer Service:

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We offer most customer support by email or phone. Before emailing please read the following to help us serve you better - see above for other contacting methods.

Before emailing us, please note the following:

  • For VISUAL step by step, click by click full screen "HOW TO USE" the software information, click here.
  • For more help/error/troubleshooting, click here
  • For Links to email form, other help sections, links, Q & A and more click here
  • Click here for Ordering.

SOFTWARE PRODUCTS - Desktop / Server Based.

Please see other links / pages at our website for additional products and/or services and third party products and/or services or CLICK HERE for website sitemap. More products coming soon... keep updated, click here

Ultimate Promoter

Over 30,000 Downloads to date...

Ultimate Promoter - online demo - Click HERE.

Basic , Silver and Platinum Versions to meet any level of internet marketing automation from personal, corporate to full promotions service.

Versions 9.9 and above include AOS - software that increases the Power of Ultimate Promoter customized to your needs for all worldwide internet marketing and promotion. All versions are self updating and include free lifetime updates. Version 9.9 [and above] when installed will automatically update the latest current version.

Versions 10.07 and above include AOS, plus several new modules and services too.

Client will receive the latest version available at download / install time automatically.
Automatic updates may also occur at this time OR any time the software is started ; updates are free.

Release Dates:

* Users of older versions [7 to 9.5] will receive a FREE UPGRADE at no charge during the first quarter of 2005 at the email address currently on file for you. Please watch for this upgrade notification.

For Joint venture/private label enquires, please submit a request here.

AOS - Automation Operating System

First version release Dec 2004. AOS is included with the Ultimate Promoter system.

Currently on Version 2 ; updated March 2016 - auto updates at start up.

Client will receive the latest version available at download / install time automatically.
Automatic updates may also occur at this time OR any time the software is started ; updates are free.

AOS is a complete system anyone can use to do both semi-automated submissions and/or build modules for Ultimate Promoter to do fully automated submissions doing what you already do by hand now. It is literally an "automation recorder", that allows you though Becanada Exclusive technologies to "record" what you do by hand now and use our technologies to "playback" what you do by hand to send information on a continuous and/or repeated basis - but on an unlimited basis. It literally gives you an unlimited number of "new hands" to automate whatever internet promotion, advertising or submissions you require.

For more information on AOS, click here

For Joint venture/private label enquires, please submit a request here.

POWER BROWSER: BEcanada Internet Browser Automation Technologies

Version 1, 1.2 Released Dec 2005,Jan 2006 and Dec 2015.

Client will receive the latest version available at download / install time automatically.
Automatic updates may also occur at this time OR any time the software is started ; updates are free.

NEW! 4 Versions - Power Browser Internet Browser - Save $1000s! , Save 100s of hours of time!

Power Browser is the world's first true REAL TIME multi-website internet surfing browser. It speeds up ALL surfing activities by a factor of 10-100 times. Searching, Shopping, and more... You can surf up to 255 websites at the same time in ONE window... Plus much more! IT also includes automation systems specific to searching online and using online auctions including Ebay. These systems cut down the time it takes to search and shop by a factor of 10-20 times and higher... It will save you 100s of hours of labour and time... Help you save $1000s of dollars ... And radically improve the quality of ALL internet surfing activities.. You can learn more and/or Download f-r-e-e trial version now - go to this website

For Joint venture/private label enquires, please submit a request here.

BEcanada Website Replication / Affiliates Technologies

Currently on Version 1.95 ; Beta Version 3 also available. First public version 2006 ; in continous production and usage in house [for our own replicated sites] since 1996.

Client will receive the latest version available at download / install time automatically.
Automatic updates may also occur at this time OR any time the software is started ; updates are free.

Basic / Custom versions - Free sales from resellers/affiliates - turn your website[s] into sales weapons now!

Get people selling your products and services for you - without increasing your advertising costs and efforts! In only a short period of time you can reduce your advertising costs and marketing efforts. Get replication software for your website[s] that instantly turn your current website[s] instantly into 1000s of replicated and personalized website[s] and automate your online sales today with less effort... a must have for anyone selling a product, service or opportunity online.

Click here for more details


Version 1.1 - released April 2001.

Included as part of the Ultimate Promoter software package above. Was replaced by AOS - a more powerful system in 2004. Available for online [no download required] group usage to help automate placing ads on a group/member/membership level. Click here for more information.

Client will receive the latest version available at download / install time automatically.
Automatic updates may also occur at this time OR any time the software is started ; updates are free.


Over 100,000 downloads to date...

ISELL Classifieds Software Service - Free Download

Client will receive the latest version available at download / install time automatically.
Automatic updates may also occur at this time OR any time the software is started ; updates are free.

Release Dates (Versions update / Customized on Demand):

  • Version 4.0 - All Versions updates May 2017 to Version 4.0
  • Version 3.1 Platinum premium edition first released May 15 2003.
  • Version 3.1 Paid Module [all versions] edition first released May 15 2003.
  • Version 3.1 Silver and Gold premium editions first released Jan 15 2003.
  • Version 3.1 Free Version "Bronze" - first released Jan 15 2002
  • Version 3.0 Silver and Gold premium editions released July 26 2002.
  • Version 3.0 Free Version "Bronze" - released July 18 2002
  • Version 2.0 Free Version- released June 30 2001
  • Version 1.3 Free Version- released Oct 1 2000
  • Version 1.2
  • Version 1.1
  • Version 1 - June 2000.

For Joint venture/private label enquires, please submit a request here.


More services coming soon... keep updated, click here

Best-Host Website Hosting, Dedicated Servers and more...

Website Hosting and Internet Services Since 1997 - Providing International Website hosting Services for personal, business and corporate usage. Hosting accounts, and dedicated servers. 99.9% uptime guarantee. 24/7/365 support. For more information, click here

"SPAM NUKER" / E-mail Spam Control Systems

Technology to reduce and automate email operations. Click here for more details.

Client will receive the latest version available at download / install time automatically.
Automatic updates may also occur at this time OR any time the software is started ; updates are free.

Followup Emailer Systems, Replication Systems, Training Systems and more...

All systems and software created and owned by David Belton Software Enterprises INC.

Client will receive the latest version available at download / install time automatically.
Automatic updates may also occur at this time OR any time the software is started ; updates are free.

Fully automatic self-maintaining systems include unlimited self replicating websites with automatic tracking systems, members' site/online control panel, and multiple followup/follow through email followup systems, webcast/contact systems, real audio/video training system, DCS conferencing systems, online admin interface, free lead generation systems, paid lead automatic self-maintaining coop system, mass upload of leads and much more... systems are developed on a client by client basis.

Inquire via email  if you are interested in part or all of these systems. The following are real live systems and networks - NOT "DEMOS" - they are in use 24/7/365, receiving 1000s of visitors daily and handling over 20,000 followup emails per day for multiple users at the same time...

Currently operating over 450 databases [multiple tiers], managing over 500,000 leads. Generic system for leads followup on a massive scale of networking/mlm opportunities - $10 per month, no setup fees - inquire via email for membership. Started in Sept 2000.

Replicating Site: http://www.gptsm.com/1/
E-Mailer: http://www.hostforleads.com

ISELL Global Site Listing and Global Daily Ad Posted Classifieds Service

Division started June 2000.

Providing a listing of all "confirmed classifieds sites" realtime, worldwide for the ISELL Classifieds Service product - click here to see the list. Also provides daily "global" ads, from sites worldwide to provide advertising exposure - click here to see the current daily list of ads...

Electronic Newsletters / Announcements Services And Other Services

Division started 1996.

The following is a list of private newsletters / Announcements lists controlled and owned by our company. Advertising is strictly controlled and on a case by case basis. We do not "bulk" advertise to clients or sell any portion of any list in any way, shape or form.

We publish the following newsletters on a regular basis:

  • Becanada Free Internet Marketing Newsletter - over 12000 members worldwide.
  • Cashlinks Reseller Newsletter - over 32000 members worldwide.
  • Isell Webmaster Newsletter - over 180000 members worldwide.
  • Keep me posted List - over 17000 members worldwide.
  • Ultimate Promoter Demo Announcement list - over 100000 members.
  • Client list - over 30000 members.
  • Gptsm-Systems Newsletter - over 18000 members.
  • and many more...

100000+ Online Internet Marketing Resources Sections

Division started June 2000.

Public Service - maintained by our company for internet users worldwide , free.

These online resources sections including 1000s of links to classifieds, free classifieds, ezines, search engines, bulletin boards, pay per click search engines, articles on internet marketing and much more are for public usage to help build and promote an internet website/business/opportunity etc etc. Some sections include real time update systems. Additionally, users regularly submit new sites for inclusion in our databases.

See this section for more information...

Shipping / Order Processing:

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ONLINE Payments:

All online payments using a Credit Card, are subject to verification. It may take up to 1 hour for your order to be sent to you, as all Credit Card transactions are processed by a third party on a secure server - REAL TIME. If you ordered electronic download, the download instructions will be sent to your email address. If you order via PAYPAL it will be sent to your Paypal email address.

For products order that require shipping, a confirmation email will be sent by our staff confirming the shipping of your product[s].

If you pay with an online check it is held 4-10 days for clearing automatically. No exceptions.

Click here for Ordering.

Offline / Snail Mail:

We want you to get your product FAST! All orders paid by International Money Order or Certified cheque are sent out within 24 hours. If you decide to pay by personal cheque, it will be held 14 days for clearing. YOUR order is processed immediately upon it being received at our location.

Please make sure you make you payment out to DAVID BELTON SOFTWARE ENTERPRISES INC.

Any payment, made differently, will be returned to you and you will be contacted VIA email (if you provide it) regarding this issue. If you are wondering about your order Click Here to Send a Message! Click here for Ordering.

Cashlinks Members / Resellers and Affiliates:

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This section is only for helping Cashlinks members.

1 : "I having not been receiving the weekly updates"

Reason: Your email address was incorrect on the application form and/or it is no longer valid. To re-apply, click here.

2: "I have not received any commissions"

Reason: All commissions are paid bi-monthly, and are subject to a 60 day hold.

3: "Where's The Member's Website?"

Please email us here for the location - it will automatically APPEAR on your CASHLINKS application also...

4: "I have signed up... now what?"

Please visit the Cashlinks member site for full training, you will also receive a weekly bulletin too. Information on banners, ad copy, advertising locations and much more are all at the members site, PLUS a complete listing of all previous bulletins.

Still have a question? Please email us here.

Forward an offer of product/service/opportunity or Links/classifieds suggestion.

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* HAVE you got a business product , service or opportunity you would be interested in placing at our website? If so then let us now...use our marketing and our company of over 16000+ resellers to sell your product today!

* Do You own  or want to suggest a classifieds, search engine, free for all links page? Suggest it to us, it may be included at our site and/or in an upcoming software release. Click HERE.

* FEEL free to send any question or suggestion you may have our way ! It will be answered promptly.

* IF you have a question about a program or product please email us , please state which program you are refering to.

Click Here to Send a Message!


Becanada is committed to creating and selling quality products and services ; before requesting a refund please let us know if you are have an issue[s] with a product and/or service; as most issues are easy to correct. These policies apply to ALL Becanada products and services; including all sites/services owned by or sold by Becanada directly.

If you are having problems installing, using or learning to use a product / service ; please let us know - we are here to help you succeed.

This includes FREE support with marketing issues on products / services applicable to marketing online; were just a few minor change[s] in usage can greatly impact your results. This is very important as the "art" of marketing online is complex ; and most of the time, MINOR changes will yield results. Keep in mind marketing is all about REPEAT work to get results. According to the "AIDA Formula" it can take 2-7 times for a person seeing your "marketing message" to get them to "take action".


Customer Comments and feedback page

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Software Guarantee:

  • All software is guaranteed to operate as noted on the page[s] describing said software.

  • Refunds are limited to issues with software product only.

  • Refunds are handled personally on a case by case basis by our sales dept.

  • If you are having a problem with software, please check our "how to use software" section HERE , and check the trouble shooting pages too..

  • Refunds are limited to the product price only - shipping and handling fees [if applicable] are not refundable.

  • Because of the unique nature of SOME of our software products we provide FREE updates on a regular basis because of the ever changing nature of the internet that our software interfaces with - please see SOFTWARE section above for more details.

Services Guarantee:

  • All services by our company is guaranteed - see each specific services information page for guarantee details.

  • Refunds are handled personally on a case by case basis by our sales dept.

  • Refunds DO NOT include any setup fees [for special services] or other third parties fees or special services.

For More details on all policies ; please see this section.

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