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Please view the "question(s)"  & "answers" below  to resolve most help / support issues ... 99% of your questions can be answered here...if AFTER reading these, you can not resolve the challenge, please use the EMAIL link at the bottom of this page.

All submissions software and Power Browser software use a part of Windows that contains Internet Explorer. As a result your performance will be directly linked to your version of Internet Explorer Installed and it's settings. We recommend installing Internet Explorer 5.0  or higher for all submitters - it is simply faster and very stable. You can download it direct at: . If you are using AOL, you are using a version of Internet Explorer, same suggestion applies, please download Internet Explorer 5.0 - for improved performance and reliability.

>>> How To Get Upgrades - Power Submitter Packages:

Currently we have three upgrades available from your current version to next higher version[s] ; you must be a registered owner to have your current version's cost applied to the upgrade price to receive discounts. When you upgrade the entire PACKAGE is upgraded - regardless if you have version 7, 8, 9, 9.9 basic. All version 9.9 installs automatically update to the latest most powerful version with the most update to date sites automatically at start up.

If you are older version owner - 7 to 9.6 - you can request a free update to version 9.9 basic only - click here to request it. You can also immediately upgrade from an older version with that's versions "credit applied" to the upgrades below as if it were a "9.9 Basic" version.

Version 9.9*  -all upgrades- is significantly upgraded from Version 9 and older versions and includes the brand new AOS technology - allowing you to create more powerful submissions software AT will. Likewise Silver Version is alot more powerful than Basic version, Platinum is more powerful than the Silver Version. To learn more about the new 9.9 version Basic, Silver, and Platinum (scroll down main page 3/4 to read about Platinum ) please visit the Power Submitter Website -  click here.

When you click on the upgrade link and make payment your order will be verified and registry checked. Download / Upgrade Key[s] will be upgraded following this processing:

  1. Version 7 - 9.9 Basic To Silver Version 9.9*
    $69.95 version to $149.95 Version ; Credit is $69.95; Total Upgrade Cost is $80.
    Click here To Upgrade - Payment Made To David Belton Software Enterprises INC

  2. Version 7 - 9.9 Basic To Platinum Version 9.9*
    $69.95 version to $399.95 Version ; Credit is $69.95; Total Upgrade Cost is $330.
    Click here To Upgrade - Payment Made To David Belton Software Enterprises INC

  3. Silver 9.9 To Platinum Version 9.9*.
    $149.95 version to $399.95 Version ; Credit is $149.95; Total Upgrade Cost is $250.
    Click here To Upgrade - Payment Made To David Belton Software Enterprises INC

* Version number will update automatically at install to most current version.

>>> Version 9.9 Power Submitter / AOS Version 1.2 and above...

Please note your software - if version 9.9 or above is automatic in terms of updates to both software and sites included. Each time you start the software it will check for updates automatically. Also note that in Power Submitter will be listed recent updates, additions, sites under review and upcoming information on the UPDATE PAGE.

>>> Start Up Errors  / Non Startup - Brand New Install

If you have a problem starting up Power Submitter OR AOS and your screen gives an error, asks you "what application do you want to use to open this file", you get "garbage text" or something similar, or the application LOOKS LIKE A WEBPAGE please do the following:

  1. click on My computer.
  2. click on View and Folder Options [for XP, tools and Folder Options]
  3. Click on File Types
  4. Look for extension "HTA"
  5. Delete this entry.
  6. Click on NEW entry.
  7. For File Extent, enter "HTA"
  8. Click on ADVANCED
  9. For associated File Type, choose "HTML Application"
  10. Choose OK/apply etc etc to close windows.
  11. Exact settings for HTA entry:
  12. Click on My computer
  15. If there is one there, click on EDIT, then HIGHLIGHT "OPEN" and click on EDIT here.
  16. You should see a box, and it should say application to perform action:
    ( "SYSTEM" may be "SYSTEM32" on your computer)
  18. If it does not say this, input the above line.
  19. "USE DDE" - should be checked.
  20. Application box = "mshta"
  21. Topic = "System"
  22. Click OK. Click all "OKS" / APPLY til windows are closed.
  23. Shutdown and restart your computer.
  24. Power Submitter / AOS should then start up correctly.

>>> The New Internet Explorer 7 + Updates for Power Submitter / AOS.

ERROR: If you get a pop up screen with "garbage" text and the software does not update...

If you try to update Power Submitter or AOS with the new Internet Explorer version 7 installed you will have make the following TEMPORARY changes. The upgrades to version 10 of Power Submitter or higher or AOS version 2.00 or higher include the permanent fix so you will not have to this procedure again for future updates.


  1. Start Internet Explorer, click on "Internet options" ; Security, Trusted sites. and Sites.
  2. Add:
  3. Make sure "require server... https://" is UNCHECKED.
  4. On the "trusted sites" screen ; set security setting to LOW.
  5. Click ok , ok... apply... etc etc ; close all internet explorer windows.
  6. Start up Power Submitter , register [if required - new clients].
  7. Allow to update, shut it down.
  8. Restart Power Submitter again [special update if required]
  9. Then shut it down.
  10. Do the same for AOS.
  11. Shut power submitter down again ; then change your security settings for trusted sites back to medium.
  12. The updates you received will fix the IE 7 problems and you will get all additional updates.

>>> Correct way to do a complete un-install / re-install of Power Submitter.

If you run into an error[s] at start up and/or the software does not complete startup and updates, you may have to do a complete un-install / re-install. The instructions below show you step by step how to do this. Keep in mind you MAY have to the "internet explorer 7" fix above when you re-install ; as some updated may have to be reloaded remotely.

Un-Install :

  1. Click on START, Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs.
  2. Remove Power Submitter.
  3. Click on My Computer, C Drive, Program Files - open this folder.
  4. Delete Folder "BEcanada-DBSOFTINC".
  5. Restart Your computer.


  1. Redownload the install file / double click on it [if you have a copy] to re-install.
  2. Register the Software Again.
  3. Allow to update - Both Power Submitter and AOS.
  4. Shutdown each after  updates.
  5. You are ready to go.

Older Problems / Fix Listings

IMPORTANT PATCH UPDATE - Version 9 / 9.1 Power Submitter

This is only if you downloaded the software PRIOR to March 1 2002.
For back/forward buttons not working in Power Submitter AND Auto-browser, please download and install this patch  [711k - 5 minutes] - download here. Once downloaded, "open" it to install the patch... this will fix the "back/forward" buttons errors in both programs.

General Questions:

Doing Submissions:

Before doing ANY submissions, click on FILE and AUTO UPDATE to update sites in the software and software itself.

General Install Questions/Errors & Fixes:

Version 9 + "Power Submitter Unlimited" SPECIFIC notes Release Notes:

These notes only refer to Version 9 - if you are having a challenge NOT listed in the Version 9 area, scroll down.

"Yahoo! Free Classifieds  are not posting" - Due to changes at Yahoo's categories, we are working on a mini-upgrade for this site. You will be notified VIA the software for usage, when ready - in the mean time, use the AUTO BROWSER to automate submissions while we are working on the fully automated update...

"Citynews - No Posting/Difficult posting" - Fixed April 11 2001
Redownload the upgrade [current client] or complete version now [new client] from the email you received - if you downloaded AFTER this date, you already have the updated version. NOTE: Citynews uses a keyword search to prevent posting to categories not allowed - this can cause a "submissions error" - retry 3 times, if you still get an error, then check keywords in your ad.

"Delay in posting to 3 day sites / Submitter 'hangs' during submissions to these sites." - Fixed April 11 2001
Updated online. Make sure you are online [connected to the Internet] when you start the submitter, sites will update.

"No Multi-Ad Submit" - Fixed April 2 2001. Redownload the upgrade [current client] or complete version now [new client] from the email you received - if you downloaded AFTER this date, you already have the updated version.

"Where do I download my upgrade? [I received the upgrade notice]"
See "section 3 - Download Information".

"I have not received my upgrade yet [to Version 9]" -
Upgrades are still be emailed out, and are due to finish April 17 2001. If you DID NOT receive an upgrade [ie due to email changes], email us here.

Version 8.00, and Version 9+ "Power Submitter Unlimited" Notes:

ERROR: Software does allow me to load an ad and/or retain my ads after shutdown....

FIX: Click on SUBMIT, and DELETE ALL AD FORMS. Shutdown the software and restart. You should then be able to load and retain ad ok.

ERROR: Software does not shutdown at end of submissions....

Oct 14 2000 - update for all version 8, and 8.5, 8.51.

A permanent fix is now ready, open your copy of the Power Submitter.
Click on FILE and AUTO-UPDATE. [you may have to RIGHT click and choose REFRESH over the main screen].
You will see a special notice and link to an update page for a permanent update.

ERROR: I get Runtime Errors during submissions....

Oct 10 2000 - update.

There are two possible reasons for this:

1 - Due to bugs in Windows, Users using a DSL, or Cable modem or other high speed connection, may receive this error. To fix it, click on SUBMIT, and SUBMISSIONS SPEED, and set it at a HIGHER value.

2 - This applies to all users. If you are doing submissions to BIZ OPS, you must be 'logged' in to your YAHOO! account, otherwise you will receive runtime errors at the beginning of the submissions, and 10 or so at the end of submissions. Normally you would not see this error, but there are errors at Yahoo! IF you are not logged in to your account.

ERROR: Software Crashes and I have Internet Explorer version 5.5 installed....

There is a conflict with Power Submitter Unlimited's current versions and the new Internet Explorer Version 5.5 [click on Internet Explorer, HELP and ABOUT to check your version #]. This conflict has been resolved in the new 8.5 version, releasing on August 31 2000. You can either wait for the new release, that will be emailed to you free, or download and install either Internet Explorer 5 or 5.01 version - http://www. - as these versions do not crash [ with the Power Submitter Systems ]. When Version 8.5 is released, it will operate on systems with All 5, and 5.5 versions of Internet Explorer without problems.

ERROR: Can not SAVE / LOAD files and/or GET an error message.

If , when you click on the SAVE1, SAVE15 or LOAD ADS links, and you get an error right away [before you attempt to load or save a file], please do the following:

  1. Change your SECURITY settings to LOW , under "TOOLS / INTERNET OPTIONS / SECURITY"
    - change the "INTERNET" setting only.
  2. Go HERE - answer YES to the any security warning[s] - allow the page to
    LOAD FULLY [make sure you visit this page via INTERNET Explorer ONLY].
  3. You should get a GREY screen with a "drive" window, and some "file" windows.
  4. If you do not get this "grey screen" with the above, please shutdown your computer, and re-try it, also try changing the security settings, then re-try step 2.
  5. Reset your security setting to "MEDIUM" via the instructions in part 1.
  6. Start up the Power Submitter - loading and saving should now work.

You should now be able to load and save ads - a "GREY" screen will appear in the main frame...
If you get errors AFTER trying to load or save a file, please consult the instructions directly on the load/save window.

Complex Fix:

  1. If the above fix DOES NOT work... please do the following.
  2. Go to My Computer, click on C DRIVE, go to : Program Files / Belton Enterprises /Power-submitter-Unlimited.
  3. Click on LOADSAVE.CAB or LOADSAVE [it will have a special WINZIP icon, if you need winzip, get it free at ]
  4. If WINZIP is installed, double click this file, you will be presented with a WINZIP window.
  5. In this window, choose BOTH files there, click to highlight it.
  6. Click on EXTRACT, and EXTRACT these TWO files ONLY to: C Drive / Windows / System.
  7. Then click on "START" on your Windows Taskbar [lower left], chose RUN.
  8. Enter regsvr32 loadsave.ocx and click OK.
  9. You should now be able to LOAD/SAVE files ok.

ERROR: I Get a "COPYRIGHT Violation" error - program shuts down.

Re-download and re-install.
Do not open any program files in any type of editior
AND/OR copy and paste any files AND/OR move any files and/or make ANY modifications to any files.

ERROR: Errors submitting to Yahoo!

Solution: Make sure you are logined in AND choose the option of "staying" logged in between sessions.
Also, make sure you DELETE OLDS ADS, prior to submissions of new ads. Information on this site,
is located under "SPECIAL SITES" in PSU 8.

ERROR: The screen is too big - I can't see it all.

This error is now fixed for users using a 640 X 480 screen. Upon start up, ensure you are connected to
the Net, and The Power Submitter will automatically adjust the screen, via the online update server.

ERROR: I get "This Program has performed an illegal operation and will be shutdown"
about HALF WAY thru submissions using "Full Auto Choices".

Solution: Uncheck the indicated "classifieds" # as listed below for the category indicated.

Auto: #68
Business Opportunities : #70
Software: #69
Employment : #69
Merchandise: #67
Personal: #68
Real Estate: #64
Services :#68

Internet Explorer/ AOL / NON NETSCAPE

Load and Saving Files [ supplement HELP info - submitter versions 7.x only. ]

*** Also see VERSION 8.00 above error, regarding startup error.

Instructions / Help / TroubleShooting / Errors:

Saving Ads:

Loading Ads:

New!  Updated nov 12 PATCH UPGRADE for all users of Version 7.2 Submitters [that downloaded and installed the Submitter] prior to Nov 12 1999 at 10am EST] :

This patch is in regards to a LOAD/SAVE bug that MAY appear to some users when trying to LOAD or SAVE ads. Basically what will happen is as soon as you try to load ads or save ads, you will immediately get an error [before even selecting a filename]. If this is happening to you, Please do the following:

The Load and save functions will then work correctly...

NEW! Updated Oct 22 PATCH UPGRADE for all users of Version 7.2 Submitters [that downloaded and installed the Submitter] prior to Oct 22 1999 at 10pm EST] - Click HERE

Oct 27 1999 - All Software: Saving and/or Loading Ads via disk/harddrive.

"ActiveX Warning": If you receive this, answer "YES" to running ACTIVEX scripts.


Your security setting in your browser [for all users EXCEPT NETSCAPE], must be set to Medium or lower to LOAD AND SAVE ADS. If you are using the submitter ONLINE [access via username/password to special server], your security setting must be set to LOW. To change settings, click on TOOLS, and OPTIONS, SECURITY ; AOL users, this will be under WWW.

If you get an error loading previously saved ad copy files, please double check that they were saved with a .htm or .html file ending, such as:

filename.htm or filename.html

If you receive the following type of error [when loading ad files] "parent.main.trash....links[].search" is not an object, then the following has occurred:

If you receive the following type of error "Runtime Error #XX" [where XX is a number]:

Oct 12 1999 [Version 7.2]

Patch for Internet Explorer 5.0 bug, with regards to auto-submitting and "page not found error"/ NO DNS will be released within the next few days. There will be a URL located here for the patch, as well as notice in the PROGRAM ITSELF [when you click on AUTO-UPDATE and/or start the program when online first.]. This error may/can occur under certain conditions when auto-submitting and under certain internet conditions. This bug only applies to Internet Explorer 5.0 users. - RELEASED - SEE TOP OF PAGE.

August 25, 1999 [only for versions 7.0 and lower]:

It has come to our attention, after much research there is a major bug in SOME versions of the New Internet Explorer 5.0 browser (this will also affect AOL if you upgraded your IE browser).

This appears to be related to the SECURITY level of the browser, namely versions that are HIGHER than "40 Bit Cipher Strength" (click on HELP and About on your browser to check yours). These browsers do not generate the file structure correctly for the software and lead to loading errors later. (Microsoft has been informed of the error, bug and where it occurs).

Work around - This will work in ALL Internet Explorer Browsers and AOL browsers :

After clicking on SAVE or MEGASAVE (and a new window pops up), RIGHT click your mouse, and click on SOURCE or VIEW SOURCE (on the save file window). This will bring up a NOTEPAD window with the page 'source code'. In this NOTEPAD window, click on FILE and SAVE AS and enter a filename such as FILENAME.htm or FILENAME.html (make sure your choice has a ".htm" or ".html" extension) and save it to your harddrive/floppy drive etc.

This is now a file the submitter software can reload later.


Other help files....

FIRST: Before doing anything, shutdown your browser (close it) and re-start it up again. It is not unusual for this to solve most challenges you are having. Sometimes the browser itself does not completely initialize and/or after surfing the net, some 'setting' may occur to cause 'less than optimal' performance.

  1. Loading And Saving Ads Error on Internet Explorer 5.0+ (the new one).
  2. Netscape Users with 'random data' in the ad forms / unable to LOAD ADS.
  3. Online Users (using software on a server): "BAD REQUEST - 400".
  4. "Did it Submit?"
  5. "How Many email 'responses' should I get?"
  6. "How to I get TOTAL EXPOSURE?"
  7. Internet Explorer 4.01 version notes & Netscape 3.x Notes.
  8. Browser 'crashes' - "This Program has Performed an Illegal Operation and will be Shutdown"
  9. How Do I upgrade?

  1. Loading And Saving Ads Error on Internet Explorer 5.0+ (the new one) ON VERSION 7 or LOWER of the Power Submitter Only: When SAVING ADS using the NEW Internet Explorer browser there is an ADDITIONAL step. IE 5.0 has multiple type of 'html' files it can save in... only ONE will work correct. When saving there will be a 'FILE TYPE', in the 'save window' - the DEFAULT is called "HTML COMPLETE". This is the WRONG file type - select 'HTML ONLY'. Using 'HTML ONLY' will ensure you are able to RELOAD ads LATER.
  2. Netscape Users with 'random data' in the ad forms / unable to load ads : This condition is caused by an overload in a file called 'cookies' (or 'cookies.txt') in Netscape. This must be reset. To reset it, making sure Netscape is closed down completely. Set your CLOCK to the YEAR 2022 (or higher). Open Netscape and browse to a few websites. Shutdown your Browser completely. Reset your clock YEAR to the current year and RE-START your browser. You can also SELECT the 'Microsoft Browser Option' to YES in the left frame and then load your ads.
  3. Online Users (using software on a server): "BAD REQUEST - 400" : See #2.
  4. "Did it Submit?" : You will get a number of emails from the websites confirming your ad. Not all will send this - additional some will send ADDITIONAL emails at or near the end of the expiry period. Note, that websites that get a DUPLICATE will NOT send an email.
  5. "How Many email 'responses' should I get?" : See #4. Approximately 1/3 to 1/2 of websites send confirmations.
  6. "How to I get TOTAL EXPOSURE?" : For the Power Submitter, Click on FULL AUTO Choices, Verify REquired, Citynews(250), New Sites, and Yahoo! Submitter.
  7. Internet Explorer 4.01 version notes & Netscape 3.x Notes : You best bet is simply UPGRADE to an Internet Explorer 4.7 or higher or Netscape 4.5 or higher browser respectively. Older browsers tend to be unstable and crash frequently.
  8. Browser 'crashes' - "This Program has Performed an Illegal Operation and will be Shutdown": See #7 above. Note that there should NOT be any additional programs running in the background ESPECIALLY any other submissions programs / internet related software. This error can also be caused by 'Low Memory Conditions' in windows (not enough RAM) and/or improper BROWSER installation / Version #. If this occurs - 1st - restart your computer. 2nd re-install your browser.
  9. How Do I upgrade? Upgrades are sent on a regular to the EMAIL ADDRESS that you used at the time of purchase. If this has changed, send your full name, address etc via email (use the email form please) and your record in the database will be updated. Most updates occur every 30-60 days depending on new additions / changes to websites in the software. Click HERE for more info...

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