Section 1 - Performance Guaranteed Solutions for Internet Marketers Everywhere:
Website Replication: "Risk Free" Sales? Cut Costs, Increase Profits and Run your business 24/7! On Sale Now : Get 10 % off for a limited time...
Put an end to risky advertising costs now - and pay only for sales. You can get people selling your products and services for you to increase your earnings potential without increasing your advertising costs and efforts and get a complete system to "close" your sales for you automatically - 24/7 - too! In only a short period of time you can reduce your advertising costs and marketing efforts and increase your online revenues. You can turn your current website[s] instantly into unlimited number of replicated and personalized "SELLING" website[s] and automate your online sales and increase profits today... a must have for anyone selling a product[s], service[s] or opportunity online. Start building your army of affiliates and resellers today. You can get unlimited email follow ups too - for each and every affiliate with multiple options [and NO monthly fees!], unlimited lead capture pages and more customizations available.

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Automatically Promote online 20-200 times faster, reach more people and save 100s of hours... On Sale Now : Get 20 % off for a limited time...
In less than 15 minutes from now you can now reach millions of Internet users regularly with only a few clicks, save 100s of hours of tedious labour and watch your profits, sales and traffic increase WITHOUT spending a penny on advertising! Fully automate unlimited submissions to 1000s of the most popular free Classifieds online and automate "getting the word out" to an unlimited number of more websites [all types  - worldwide] 20-200 times faster than you can do by hand - over and over again - automatically. And now with new automated technologies you can further extend the power of this software to whatever potential you require without limits - exactly customized to your promotional needs. $400 in bonuses included free to help your internet marketing results. Try it now risk free right now!

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ISell Classifieds System: Passive Leads  & Traffic Generation and much more... On Sale Now : Get 25 % off for a limited time...
Learn how you can create an increase in traffic, repeat traffic, mailing lists, business leads, and revenue IN multiple ways plus an additional income stream...easily, quickly and automatically via a powerful self-maintaining classifieds service right at your website[s] - including both free and paid classifieds. Easy to use online control panel, with full instructions and training provided including free promotion of your new service too. 4 Versions to match the needs of any website[s]. Free professional install included for a limited time - a $50 value. Try it risk free now.

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No setup fees, 99.9% Up time Guarantee, 24/7 Tech Support and more!
Do "Armed guards" watch over your website 24/7/365 - watching your website[s] while you sleep to ensure you maximize profits and earnings around the clock? A website that is down or slow to reach/download kills sales and profits. Get a feature packed webhosting account with hassle free service, plus $500 in bonuses FREE just for trying us today plus 24/7/365 support, guaranteed website up time, no setup fees and all the tools and resources you need to make your website and business a success guaranteed. Get your website[s] host the right way today.

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Section 2 - Quality Worldwide, Targeted, Speciality Traffic Services - More Traffic For Less:
All In One Traffic Packages
All in one packages provide a variety of traffic from different sources for immediate, mid term and long term traffic growth. Over time this builds a massive and constant flow of visitors to your website that are ready to buy now. Combining all these different sources and methods of traffic ensures your success.
Targeted Traffic
5000 to 2 million targeted visitors - over 100 countries , over 300 categories, select duration, time of day and more... Help your business grow and you can join the many satisfied customers who enjoy a flow of targeted visitors to their websites each and every day.
Premium Targeted Traffic
2,500 to 250,000 Targeted Visitors - Targeted traffic is pre-qualified traffic that is sent directly to your website through one or more mediums. Available traffic by category and region / country. Fast delivery ; and premium traffic too. All websites welcome.
Mobile Traffic
Mobile Traffic - As more and more users worldwide are using their mobile devices (Mobile phones, Tablets) PerfecTraffic provides the perfect mobile advertising solution for websites as well as mobile applications.
Worldwide Traffic, Country, Category Traffic Alexa Traffic Casino / Adult Traffic
5000 to 2 million targeted visitors - over 100 countries, multiple targeting options. All kinds of worldwide, country, and categorized traffic to meet every need and budget - from raw worldwide traffic to multiple specific filtered traffic to specific click only filtered traffic and more. A High Alexa ranking is important for your business as it gives an estimation of your traffic and raises your website's value. Alexa traffic available by country or worldwide ; this is real traffic filtered visitor using the Alexa Toolbar in real time. If you are looking for website traffic to target the adult industry or other sensitive material, you have found the right place to advertise. Our adult network is completely separate from our regular traffic network, ensuring that you only get adult eyeballs on your site.

Section 3 - Guaranteed Search Engine, Directory, Local Marketing and Backlinks Services:
Search Engine Submissions Directory Submissions Local Marketing Backlinks
Submit to 60+ search engines by hand. Our premiere search engine submittal service will expedite the process and get you listed in major search engines in as little as 24 hours. 50 to 2000+ submissions to top directories by hand. Directories have been around since the dawn of the internet and are still very effective marketing channels. Getting listed in a directory not only provides exposure for your website but it also provides you with a backlink at the same time. Do you own or operate a local brick and mortar business? Are you struggling to generate leads and sales online? Look no further! Our local business listing service is geared to provide your business with maximum local exposure through the use of local business listings. We can list your business in 35 to 300 different local business directories. Get high PR, Gov't, Edu, Wiki and other backlinks to your website[s] now. Backlinks are the most crucial search engine optimization component in existence. We don't know much about Google's top-secret search algorithm but one thing that we do know is that a very significant portion of their algorithm is based on backlinks.

Section 4 - Exclusive E-Mail [double opt in], Blog Posts, Blog Comments, and Forum Marketing Services:
Email Marketing Blog Posts Blog Comments Forum Comments
300,000 to over 6 million targeted emails to promote your products, websites, and services to double opt in lists. Email marketing is, and always has been, a very effective form of internet marketing. Since the dawn of the internet, businesses of all sizes have been leveraging the power of email marketing to not only thrive, but to take their business to new heights. Get professional blog posts to increase traffic / seo. But people aren't the only ones who love blogs, so does Google. If you're wanting to climb the ranks of the search engines fast then blogging is the ticket. Blog commenting packages from 10,000 to 40,000 - more backlinks / and traffic. The benefits are huge! Not only will you gain exposure but you will also increase traffic to your website, but you will also build backlinks which will improve page rank. Are you trying to build an authority site? Do you want your website to be top dog of your industry? 250 to 2500 forum posts to promote your website / word of mouth.

Section 5 - Video, Article, Press Releases and Reputation Monitoring Services:
Video Marketing Article Marketing Press Releases Reputation Monitoring
Video Promotion, Marketing and Video creation services. The possibilities are endless when it comes to video and the ability to put your video in front of thousands of people opens a huge opportunity to increase sales, generate leads, and build a brand. Submit your articles to 500-3500 services , also article creation services. The sheer power of article marketing resides in the ability to target specific keywords on high ranking article directories. Think of it as a way of spreading your website content across the entire internet. Custom press release writing and/or submissions services to top outlets. Today, with the advent of the internet, press releases have taken on a whole new role and are considered the most important course of action any business can take towards spreading the word about new start-ups, new products, exciting changes, or practically anything that one would want to share with the world. Daily or monthly services based on keywords and ranking - protect your brand now and stop bad/fake reviews from ruining your business. In today's high-tech world businesses live and die by the internet. With social media powering the likes of businesses across the world, the internet can be a business's best friend. But on the flip side of things, it can also significantly hurt business.

Section 6 - Links to Specials / Discounts On Becanada's Services / Websites:
Traffic Specials at Marketing Services Specials at Shopperbot - Daily Deals and Specials. Traffic Specials at
Save up to 40% on targeted traffic and other services. Offers and Price subject to change without notice. Save on any of Trafficmongrel's 150+ services. Offers and Price subject to change without notice. Save / shop and compare on over 1 million items. Updates daily - save up to 75% off. Save up to 40% on targeted traffic and other services. Offers and Price subject to change without notice.

Section 7 - EARN CASH - Opportunities, Reseller Programs, Affiliate Programs and more:

Run your own FREE or Paid Classifieds Service and keep 100% of the profits!

You keep the leads and the money! Generate more leads and sales using a simple free and/or paid classifieds service at your website. Easy to use online control panel, with full instructions and training provided. Free professional install included for a limited time - a $50 value. Works on 99% of all paid hosting services and most free hosting services.

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Get Your Own Automated Super Mall - You Keep the Profits! Full training, open worldwide - Earn Commissions from 5% to 80%+ . Add your OWN links to your website FREE too. Sell everything this website plus products and services for ALL TOP internet companies too! Sign up is free open to everyone worldwide...

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Section 8 - 100,000 Resources, How to Training Links, Newsletters, and more:

Learning Center for Automating and Internet Marketing...

Learn how to increase and/or automate the following step by step and get key bullet points about all the methods, products and services available to you with their pros and cons and step by step info on what to do, in what order to create instant, short term and long terms sales of your products / services... select a section below to learn more now...

Sales / Profits | Traffic Generation | Leads & Followup  | Website Promotion | Profit Margins | Time savings
Secondary Income | Website results | Webmaster profits | Affiliates results | Paid Ads R.O.I

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Section 10 - CORPORATE Information, Need Help? Got Questions?:

Becanada creates and sells software and services worldwide to automate internet advertising [Power Submitter, AOS], to control spam, email long/short term follow up systems, run classifieds service[s], submit to search engines, run classifieds services online, website replication [used by our sites and many other sites worldwide - over 100,000 affiliates count on our software to work 24/7/365 every single day] and many other types of desktop and server based software.

BEcanada also operates a hosting service ["BEST-HOST.COM"] providing hosting services, dedicated servers , website design services, custom server applications, website / affiliate applications/software and does custom programing for clients worldwide.

We publish 3 free internet marketing newsletters "Cashlinks Affiliate Newsletter ", "ISell Training Newsletter", and "Internet Marketing Newsletter " with over 100,000 subscribers total and operates several other websites, services and affiliate programs.

Consulting Services and Custom Programming / Projects are also available on a case by case basis. We also provide free internet marketing support for all clients on an ongoing basis.

Becanada is a division of D.B Software Ent. INC and a registered member of the Chamber of Commerce. In business online since 1996 it is privately owned and operated. We have clients in every country and an affiliate network of over 24,000 affiliates called "Cashlinks".

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