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This page is for you to add your ISELL Free/Paid classifieds OR other classifieds site to submissions software worldwide / resources sites. In will be added to the Power Submitter software by BECANADA and other software makers for inclusion in their respective databases...

You will immediately receive submissions to your classified[s] site[s]... which will fill your classifieds with ads AND increase the size of your email list, create traffic - both immediate and when the ads expire - and of course promote whatever products/services you are advertising in the confirm and expire emails...

This form is ONLY for submissions of a CLASSIFIEDS SITE- for other types - ie ffa sites, search engines, bulletin boards, ezines... etc etc - use this form...

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These are all the categories your classifieds site lists for submissions / viewing of ads. If you are using an ISELL Classifieds, and you did not change the cateories and you did not add any new ones, put in the field "ISELL DEFAULT CATEGORIES". For an example of an Isell site that has only the default here.

For other sites, usually you can COPY and PASTE the categories right from the "ad posting page" [highlight with your mouse, press CTRL-C and then press CTRL-V to paste the categories into the box to the right]

If you have a classifieds site other than "Isell Classifieds" installed at your website, please answer the following questions:
1 . Is it required to "confirm" submissions of an ad BEFORE an ad is posted? Yes No
2. Is a username/password required to post ads or access ad posting area? Yes No
3. Does your Classifieds site feature "sub-categories" of "categories"? Yes No
General information:
Do you want your classifieds site sent to other submissions software companies? Yes No
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Is your classifieds site "adult" in nature or contains adult "content"? Yes No
Is your classifieds a "Free Classifieds" or "Paid Classifieds"? Free Classifieds Paid Both
Please put any comments about your classifieds here...

For Example: if you run a "paid classifieds" for example, please put your rates per ad per month in... if your classifieds is only for a particular state or location... please enter this info here... etc etc...

IMPORTANT - Please double check your email address and read the following:

  • The review process may take up to one week or more depending on the number of sites submitted for review.
  • You will be emailed important information required to add your classifieds site to other submissions software, plus other valuable information and links to make your classifieds site accessible worldwide.
  • You may be emailed to verify certain information before being added to submissions software databases / emailed to companies that list sites - either directly by us and/or by the submissions software companies and/or companies that list classifieds sites....
  • In some cases your classifieds site will be immediately added to resource centers and/or submissions software worldwide...
  • In ALL CASES at submissions software and at resource sites ONLY the classifieds site name and website address will be visable to the public.
  • Your email address/information will not be sold or used by any other third parties other then mentioned above.

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