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This section is here to give you FREE WAYS to get people to your website and keep them coming back, with no effort or payment on your part. All special links on this page can be used on any website[s], secret site[s], bonus[es] - etc etc - to help you grow traffic to your website, keep people coming back and in the long run increase your profits and sales from your website for years to come... Guess how many people would visit your site if they knew they could get FREE software to increase their traffic and sales and get FREE training to do it? Lots of people would visit your site, and see your messages, ads and so on ... at no cost to... more people will visit your site if you offer something free with REAL value...

The Internet is about content - people want to visit sites that give them something FREE - FIRST - then they will be more receptive to your sales message[s]... repeat traffic keeps people coming back to your website - this means - you get more chances to make a sale, more often... make sure to come back and check this site often for more free content to use on your website[s].

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Special Note:
All "Free Content" has "Site Guard", a way of making sure your traffic never leaves your website[s] while getting / using these free content[s].

Here are the links to use:

Highlight the part[s] in BOLD, by holding down your mouse button, and dragging your pointer, then hit CTRL C ["copy"] and CTRL V ["paste"] to paste or copy these into a text file to later add your your webpage - you can use these links on your main website, in a members' only site, as a FREE BONUS for buying a product or service... it's up to you...

    Type of "Free Content"
    : Free $199 Offer To Visit

    This software allows people to generate income, emails lists and generate repeat traffic to their website - a $199 value. The goal here is to offer this software FREE, as a reward to people to visit your website. You could also use it as a "bonus" to purchase a product or service, or at a "members only site" or "secret site". Add a link to get free ISELL CLASSIFIEDS software ["target" is used so a new window opens, and people stay AT YOUR WEBSITE]:

  2. List of Free Classifieds Sites
    Type of "Free Content": Free Offer To Visit and return to check new listings...

    You can get people to RE-VISIT your site by adding a free classifieds list, that self updates every hour... and keep em coming back.... Add a link to only list the free classifieds sites  - the links ONLY - note the list automatically updates the MINUTE a new site is added... This will only list the site links, and can be embedded on any webpage, each link will open a new window, so people never leave your website. There is NO updating of links required - just add these TWO LINES on any number of HTML pages, on any number of sites and the entire list will be pulled off our server ...

    <script src="">

    You can see this used at the siteslist page - click here.

  3. 72 + Search Engines Search System
    Type of "Free Content": Repeat Traffic, "Cool Tool"

    Free Utility program to save time in searching...add these lines of code on any HTML page[s], and offer this as a free tool to use, when people visit your website. This code will EMBED this tool on any website. There are no links off your site, and every search opens a new window[s] - visitors can choose to search one engine, two or up to 72 at once... so visitors never leave your website. This handy tool will keep people coming back to your website again and again...

    var keywords2=",
    <SCRIPT src="">

    "keyword" - can be any word or combination of words, to offer as a DEFAULT keyword[s] for searching. To add more keywords, just add a comma after each - do not forget the comma at the beginning and end [in RED].
    To see code embeded and in action, click here.

  4. 100,000+ Free Resources for Internet Marketing
    Type of "Free Content": Repeat Traffic, "Free Resources"

    These library of links, and content to help in Internet Marketing is maintained by BECANADA. You can link DIRECTLY to the library to give your visitors a reason to return to your website constantly... there are no links to the BECANADA site or logos - only resources. This will add real value to your website, and require no effort on your part to keep up to date...

    <a href="" target="123">100,000 Free Classifieds, Search Engines, Bulletin Boards, FFA links and more to increase traffic to your website... Click Here</a>

    This link would look like [click on this link to see what it will look like]:

    100,000 Free Classifieds, Search Engines, Bulletin Boards, FFA links and more to increase traffic to your website... Click Here

    OR embed it in any HTML PAGE

    <script src=""></script>

    It would look like...

  5. Refer A Friend - Free Offer To People visiting your Site to REFER people they know...
    Type of "Free Content": Repeat Traffic, Build Traffic

    The Refer a Friend system is designed to get active referrals to your website from your visitors - you get a copy of the email and name of both the person making the referral and the person being referred. The person making the referral gets free stuff as a reward at no cost to you PLUS the person the GETS referred to your website [link is in email sent to person], get the SAME OFFER [free rewards to visit your site AND MAKE another referral... and so on...].

    <a href="http://www.rapid-shop/friend/?WEBSITE|EMAIL" target="123">Win $$$ - Click Here</a>

    Replace WEBSITE with the website address you want people to visit and EMAIL with the email address you want to RECEIVE a copy of the email and name of the person referring and being refered to your website. Note the | used to separate the website, and email addresses.

    Example Link:
    <a href="|" target="123">Win $$$ - Click Here</a>

    This Example link would look like [click on this link to see what it will look like]:

    Win $$$ - Click Here

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