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At BECANADA we created more than a single 'sales' system - we build a completely automated mall - that you can put together in minutes - you can display our products plus dozens of other companies too. Our system is fully automated - sales, sign ups - you name it... you have immediate access to a full automated training center, software and more... FREE - Join Instantly!

Your Cashlinks Membership includes:

  • Complete Website just like this WEBSITE that can also display your other reseller and opportunities free (and of course get sign ups under your code - so you get credit!!). [programs are separate from BECANADA]

  • Weekly Training , $39.95 Free Internet Marketing Software, Access to the members Members Site, automated linking system, banners, reports and more!

  • All new affiliates [single level only] will be 'forced' to sign up under ALL your other programs too [separate from BECANADA] - if you are a member, they can only sign up under you through our completely automated system.

  • See your complete affiliates [single level], the programs they have joined and you are able to email them too! 24 Hours per day, 7 days a week.

  • See your sales and single level affiliates sales online, 24 hours per day - 7 days a week.

  • Ability to Sign up new members & make money on their sales [single level only]

  • Opportunity to join and list new opportunities (30+ now, there will soon be 100's) as they are added - no html, no webbuilding, it's all done by us - free. Just promote, we do the rest!

  • New - Free Leads - as part of Cashlinks you now get all leads from classifieds, ffa postings , search engine postings etc etc - right at the members site for use in your website promotion - FREE!

BENEFITS of Becoming a Member Of Cashlinks:
  • Free Submissions Software and Free Automated Search Engine listings

  • No Selling or Experience required

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  • No person to person contact

  • No Sales Meetings

  • No Paperwork

  • No Pressure or Quotas

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  • We teach your affiliates [single level only]!

  • We HELP you develop referrals [in programs not affiliated with BECANADA] in ALL other programs [separate from BECANADA] FREE, using an automated system!

  • You just promote your own Cashlinks website - everything else is taken care of!

  • Exclusive Offers to BECANADA Cashlinks Members.

You can also display any or all of the below opportunities...

Please check out each program for details and commissions/compensations - all programs are SEPARATE from BECANADA, and are subject to change without notice .

Links to all programs are provided, when you join Cashlinks, and are at the members' site to ensure Members get referrals, if you join any program[s].

  • Internet Marketing Center - Internet Marketing Course ($65 per copy, $30 per copy downline), Mailloop ($125 per copy, $30 per copy downline sale)...join FREE - two level payouts...rated #1 reseller program.

  • WebPostition Software - Earn 15%+ and 5% (downline, join FREE.

  • And more - you can have any or ALL of these at your website FREE!


There is no limit to the number of affiliates you can sign up NOR the amount of commissions you can earn on your sales, your sub-affiliates sales or both.

You are paid on commission on the sales generated by your website, and that of your [single level only] affiliate, in otherwords, Cashlinks is a two level system - you are paid commission on sales you make and that of your immediate SINGLE level affiliate.

Cashlinks is a TWO TIER commissions structure - it is not a multi-level marketing program.

Here is a visual example - you have 3 single level affiliates, you would earn commissions on your own personal sales, and your affiliates own personal sales only - a TWO TIER commissions structure.

/ | \
o o o

All other programs' commissions, that are optional to join - vary from program to program and are NOT affiliated with BECANADA in any way or form - you can join them (read in detail their compensation plan[s]!), and activate links at your Cashlinks website  [if you are already a member, you can use your current codes] - your affiliates [single level only], will be able to join these programs as well, under your codes [so you get the "referral"].

A System that works for you 24/7/365 - to make you more money...

At Becanada we track everything.

What that means is that if someone sign ups and trys a demo, downloads a demo, signs up for a newsletter... your special ID CODE is permanently attached to that person in ALL databases. This of course includes any sales inquiries as well.

So if that person buys now or in a year from now - you get the commission.

In addition we constantly follow up with clients that try our demos, download our demos, and subscribe to our newsletters. Plus in all these follow ups are more links - tagged to your IDCODE so you get credit - advertising more products too.

Why We Include Other Programs Separate From BECANADA:

Cashlinks is designed to help you make make as much money as possible from every visitor to your site - we do not want you to miss a single sale if possible.

If someone does not purchase BECANADA or BEST-HOST products or one of our other divisions products/services, then they will have the opportunity to purchase other products from other companies and/or join their programs - either way, you can make money - "CashLinks" - Links to make Cash.

In otherwords, by allowing you at no cost to have links to other programs separate from BECANADA, we help you make sure, every visitor you sent to your Cashlinks site, will have the ample opportunity to join, or purchase in some way or form from you, to help you earn income from your Cashlinks site, and the links on it.

We do not and can not guarantee people will purchase our products or from any other links for other companies at your Cashlinks site however we will make every effort to make certain your websites at Cashlinks are designed to sell and reach as many people as possible.

Also when you sign up affiliates into Cashlinks, they can sign up under you AND/OR purchase from you if you have signed up for the third party approved affiliate programs. There is a special area in the members area to sign up for these third party programs. Plus your sub-affiliates have a special buying area that has YOUR links activated in their members area.

Commission Rates on Becanada's products and services:

You can earn up to $200 per sale or more commissions per unit sold.

Please note that all commissions, breakdowns of commissions, and amounts per sale are in the member's area. All commissions are paid out regularly - there are no minimums ; plus you can check your commissions at any time in real time online too.

Type Of Commission Your Personal
Sales Commission

[per unit sold]
Your Affiliates'
Sales Commission
[per unit sold]
[single level only]
Total $ amount paid per unit.
NEW! Spam Nuker/Email Automation products and services [both monthly and one time sales]. 50% 5% $3 to $200.
NEW! Replication software/Systems products and services. 25% 15% $125 to $225 and up.
BEST-HOST Website Hosting and Services. 25% - monthly* 12.5% - monthly* $5 to $10 to $25 and more for dedicated servers / services.
BECANADA Software / Other services
[Power Submitter, Isell, etc etc]
25% 15% $9 to $200 or more per unit.
Other Programs / Resellers Programs separate and not affiliated with BECANADA or BEST-HOST

 Please check out each program for
details and commissions/compensations/pay out periods.

More commissions coming soon... TBA TBA TBA

* Monthly, means on each account sold for as long as the customer remains a client of BECANADA.


You sell 10 accounts, you earn money on all 10 accounts EACH MONTH, for as long the client remains a customer of BECANADA. This is called a recurring sale.

All other sales are a per commission basis, on a per unit basis for BECANADA and BEST-HOST - prices for BECANADA products are listed at this site, prices for products and services are located at BEST-HOST, click on "HOSTING" for details. Prices are subject to change without notice. Commissions are based on the retail price charged at the time of purchase.

All other programs are separate from BECANADA, and you must consult them yourself to ascertain their compensation methods, plans and amounts, pay periods - etc etc. Links to all programs separate from BECANADA are located at the members' site which you will have access to after joining Cashlinks below.

Example of "Typical Results" and "Income"

For purposes of income example, here are some real stats on income you can expect to make, given certain input of effort.

Our stats show roughly, a targeted website, close to "our theme" of products and services, a sales to visitor ratio of 1:50 - meaning for every visitor you send to your Cashlinks links site, for general sites this ratio is roughly 1:300  - these ratios reflect BECANADA and BEST-HOST products and services only.

Using the above example [1:50] , a person gets 600 visitors to their Cashlinks site in one month- this would make 12 sales [600/50]. the product sold in this example would be the Power Submitter software retail $149.95 USD times a commission of 25% - or 37.50 per unit sold.

In this example, you would make $449.85 USD, if you send 600 visitors to your Cashlinks site. A none targeted site [1:300 sales ratio] would require 3600 visitors [600 X (300/50)] to achieve the same level of income.

Keep in mind if you have for example 12 downline and each one of them makes ONE sale only at $149.95 you would earn a commission of 15% or $22.49 per unit your downline / sub-affiliates sold. If your downline[s] / sub-affiliates make more sales, you of course make a commission on each sale. There are no limits to the number of sales you can earn commissions on - yours, your sub-affiliates or both.

This would ADD to your income 12 X 22.49 or $269.91....

This would give you a total income for only one month of $449.95 + $269.95 ...

$719.95 USD.

You can check your sales, and sub-affiliate sales of all products and services including recurring sales in the member's area. We DO NOT hold commissions - there are no minimums. If you repeat the same number of sales next month you earn the same amount.

Please also note that some products / services carry lower commissions and some carry much higher commissions of $200 per unit sold or higher.

Please note this sales to visitor ratio will be different for "dedicated sites" which are websites for a specific product or service. You will have multiple "dedicated" websites and multi product websites setup for you automatically as soon as you join. You can use one, two, or all of these sites as you see fit.

Also note that additional automated systems follow up with leads you generate - all leads - from newsletters, demos, trial downloads and so on - automatically. If you your lead makes a purchase you get the commission - today, next week, 2 years from now...

These numbers are approximate - your income would be based on links to your Cashlinks site, Free Ads, Paid Ads, Banners, Search engines submissions leading to your Cashlinks website, the amount of time and effort you put into promoting and so on...

Your sales ratio is directly linked to the number ads and links you place, and the theme of the site[s] as they compare to your Cashlinks site- in otherwords, the more targeted the traffic you send to your Cashlinks site, the lower your sales to visitor ratio will be - lower meaning a change from 1:50 to 1:25 for example...

Cashlinks and Becanada offers you free training on both advertising and methods to lower yours sales to visitor ratio to increase your income. In addition we include articles and training from top online marketers than can be used to grow your Cashlinks business, your own business[es] or both.

We also provide banners, emails, ads and much more - there is no guesswork.


Becanada does not guarantee you will achieve the results above, because there are several factors beyond our control, such as market supply and demand, your website [where links are placed] and the number and type of ads you place to promote your Cashlinks site and of course the amount of work, time and effort you put in to promoting your Cashlinks business.

Join us today and take Cashlinks for a test drive now:

As soon as you receive your Cashlinks application via email - you can go to your OWN Cashlinks site (address will be in the welcome email) to purchase products.

You are entitled to discount as mentioned above (25%), on ALL BECANADA products / services.

You can use special links inside the members area to order instantly with your discount applied.

This is not a job offer, you will be paid 100% of your commissions. You are in business for yourself, and responsible for all taxes in your region. We handle all the websites programming, ordering, everything - just get people to your Cashlinks site. You are free to remove yourself from the Cashlinks program at any time.

You are paid commissions on a regular basis - there are no minimums to earn a commission and paid commissions on sub-affiliates that also generate sales.

Please fill in the following and press "JOIN CASHLINKS" - you will be immediately be emailed instructions, latest newsletter, member access codes and more... you can quit at any time. All fields are required - and you can update all information in the member's area instantly once you sign up.

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All information on this form is CONFIDENTIAL - it will not be revealed to anyone for any reason - you will have access to the member's site as soon as you SUBMIT the FORM below.

We will make every effort to assist you and train you to earn an income with our program - because when you succeed we succeed and our success for over 10 years now is directly linked to our affiliates being successful promoting our products and services and earning an income...

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