Power Submitter Package Version 9.9+ Problems/Questions and Fixes/Answers

This page contains information on the most common install / usage issues with Power Submitter Package 9.9 and fixes for them.

IMPORTANT: If you can not find an answer to your problem see the other FAQs for versions 9.5 OR submit a email  - CLICK HERE

Download Issues:

Problem: Download file not recognized an Win32 application / Download file gives error when attempting to install.


  • Try re-downloading up to five times.
  • Delete the file each time BEFORE downloading again.
  • The double click to install.
  • If this fails - Download again, but save as file "XXX.txt" ; then RENAME the file after downloading to "setup.exe" ; then double click to install.

Install Issues / Anti-Virus Issues / Protection:

Problem: Norton Anti Virus Warning - maclious script error. [there is no error, misc script OR virus]

Reason for this error: Norton misdetects our registration / copyright protection systems.


  • Select option "allow" / always allow.
    There is NO virus, spyware or other type of danger.
    This is a MIS DETECTON issue only - we have advised norton of this issue.

Which software works best to protection my computer from Viruses / Spyware / Email virus and I can use Power Submitter with?

In our offices we use Microsoft Anti-Spyware and Grisoft Anti Virus software. We have both running at the same time and these protection all systems and "access" points at the same time, as well as scan incoming emails and auto-disabled/removes problems in real time. You can adjust settings easily in case of a conflict and you can see all running programs and check your entire systems too using simple navigation. To date all software we use does NOT conflict with either product or cause issues with windows.

Registration Issues:

Problem: Registration Code not accepted.


  • Try the code a few times.
  • Type the code in directly [case sensitive].
  • If you get an invalid error OR error your code has expired, request a new code immediately using the online email form.

Submissions ISSUES:

Problem: No email confirmations of ad placements / software does not update.


  • First we need to verify your computer is connecting properly to the internet.
    Restart it, then your ISP / connection , then power submitter.
    If power submitter updates correctly, it is not a connection issue.

  • To fix connection issue:
    #1 - Start Internet Explorer, click on tools, internet options, connections.
    Check to see if your ISP is listed, if NOT add it, and make it default connection.
    Then restart your computer, then your ISP , then Power Submitter.

  • #2 FIX - [after trying #1]
    If you have a zone alarm or other protection system for internet access you may have to disable OR setup access for the Power Submitter application.

Problem: all reports should "N" when viewing submissions reports.


  • Providing the software updated above correctly the problem is either an incomplete ad form / and/or categories selection issue.
  • #1 - Check all fields in the ad form you are using for submissions.
  • #2 - In select categories, choose your categories starting at closest match with your final choice as MISC.

IMPORTANT: If you can not find an answer to your problem see the other FAQs for versions 9.5 OR submit a email  - CLICK HERE

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