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The Auto Browser is a simple, fast and easy to use piece of software designed to automate the majority of your internet tasks and save you time and money. It is designed like your web browser, so the "learning curve" to use this software is minimal and you can "get down to business" right away, plus it has a "Help Wizard System" that will automatically walk you through every part of the software, as you use it. Although designed primary for promoting your website online , it will fill any form online for you, with preset information. So you could use it to promote a website, service or product and/or automate contests submissions, awards submissions, message board postings and just about anything else that requires typing online...

The Auto Browser has 10 top "reference" websites embedded into the software where you can find quickly and easily 1000s of sites to advertise your product, service and/or website. All of these sites list 1000s of sites where you can promote to search engines, bulletin boards, free classifieds, paid classifieds and many other types of sites... plus it has a 72 Search Engine search system to locate new sites for whatever it is you are doing online.

Key Features:

  • Fast - it fills in form[s] and fields within seconds at all websites.

  • Works on ALL Windows systems .

  • 10 Top "reference" websites with over 1000 links to websites you can advertise on, submit to etc... at the bottom of this page is one of the reference sites included in the Auto Browser. [This increases regularly - both number of reference sites, and number of sites they list].

  • 72 Search Engine "Searcher" with the top 72 Search engines to locate more resources, sites and more...

  • Save and Load "preset" information forms - no limits. So you can do multiple campaigns.

  • Quickly change back and forth from 6 ads - without stopping what you are doing...

  • Import website addresses quickly into the software to reduce the number of steps of each submission - just pick which site you want from a list.

  • Automated remote server updates... to add new features and sites to the software.

  • Repromote Module - This module can be used as a reminder to "redo" tasks at certain intervals.

  • Free updates/upgrades - you only pay once for the Auto Browser, there are no upgrade costs.

  • Because this software saves you so much time, it pays for itself in one or two sessions easily.

For Every Hour you work with the Auto Browser,
you save 15-20 Hours of "Grunt Work" and can increase productivity.

The Auto Browser automatically scans websites as your browse on the Internet. Using a patented system, it scans a webpage[s], and figures out what should be used for what field on this webpage[s], from the "preset" information you have entered in the Auto-Browser. Basically all you do is "navigate" from site to site and the Auto Browser will do the majority of the "grunt" work in seconds. Compare this to entering all the information by hand on each form - which can easily take 5-10 minutes for a typical free classifieds site... you can easily save 15-20 hours [or more] of time for every hour you use the Auto Browser, compared to typing by hand.

If you are promoting a product, service or website you can use this "extra" time to do MORE promoting - and increase your sales and income in less time. If you are playing contests, you can enter more of them for more chances to win... If you are submitting your site to search engines, you can submit to more of these in less time...

The Auto Browser Speeds up the following :

  • Finding sites to promote your website/product/service to - key sites are embedded into the software.

  • Searching - with 72 Search engines encoded into the software, you can search the top search engines quickly at the click of a mouse.

  • Navigation - with the import function you can selected from a drop down menu instead of navigating back each time.

  • Filling in forms/fields - within seconds your forms are filled in, as opposed to several minutes by hand.

System Features:

  • 7 Stage patented multi pass AI engine, updated remotely.

  • Works on "secure" webpages, regular webpages, webpages in frames or even webpages with frames within frames.

  • Scans and fills in ALL FIELDS on a webpage in seconds compared to manually filling in a form[s] by hand which could take 5-10 minutes per form.

  • All you have to do it fill in any "specific" fields not covered in the "preset" information in the Auto-Browser and hit submit.

System  Requirements:

  • All Windows platforms supported.

  • Internet Explorer Version 5 [or higher] installed. [you can download it free here]

  • The Auto-Browser can be used on ANY platform, regardless of processor speed, ram or hard drive space

  • 1 Meg of harddrive space [software uses components of Internet Explorer to reduce size].

Enterprise Edition:

In addition to the regular Auto-Browser software, an Enterprise edition is available for multiple users / groups / affiliate managers/groups / large groups. This edition, has an unlimited user license, and can be configured to the "group", to control usage and many other features... Auto-Browser Enterprise edition has all the above features and the following extra features....

Additional Enterprises Features:

  • Information controls, to set usage as per "group" rules.

  • Advertising system embedded in the software to advertise to your group members while they use the software.

  • Unlimited user license [you can resell access too].

  • Can be uploaded for direct online usage [like a webpage], with no download requirements.

  • Custom auto-install EXE file for group downloads if required [at extra cost].

  • "Branding" available.

  • Install and Setup available

  • Additional custom programming is available [at extra cost].

  Affiliate Managers / Corporate / Big Business [Enterprises Edition]:

  • Get your employees to save time on all their Internet work & promotions.

  • Control their work automatically.

  • Can operate online, at a "members only" site.

  • Controlled Advertising "during" work for company.

  • Private labelled.

The Auto Browser is designed to make all your Internet tasks, easier and faster...

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You can only use website addresses with approved code [in this case for our Cashlinks reseller sites] in this Enterprise version, also this version shows how ad copy [move your mouse over the window on the LEFT hand side] and links can be directly embedded into the Enterprises Edition.

Regular versions of the Auto Browser DO NOT have this/these restriction[s].
Enterprise Editions can have this type of restriction[s] programmed in, plus many more options.

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