Why Your Website Isn't Pulling Sales

By Keegan Michaels

So you put your website up, expecting a barrage of sales to come
pouring in. You waited a day, a week, a month, and still no

What's the deal? Isn't the Internet supposed to be a gold mine
for entrepreneurs?

The problem may have little to do with what you are selling, and
everything to do with your website. There are 3 typical website
mistakes that keep you from making sales:

1. Your design stinks - Think of your website as a store; not a
virtual store, a real one. When people enter your store, is it
covered in obnoxious wallpaper? Are the signs on the walls
unintelligible because of your choice of font and background
colors? Is there random junk everywhere that just gets in the way
of your visitors?

Too many people throw a website up on the net with no thought to
the design and usability. Bad design is the first thing your
potential customer sees, and it's all they need to make them turn
around and walk out that virtual door as quickly as they entered.

2. Too little, too confusing, and too unfocused copy - You've
probably heard people say that no one reads on the Net. You may
have taken this to mean that your copy can be abysmal, and you
can get away with it.

WRONG! Good copy is as important as good design. It is your only
vehicle for getting the real information about your product to
your potential customer. No one simply looks at a picture and
decides to buy. People want to know about your products and
services before they buy from you.

Plus, good sales copy lets potential customers know WHY they
should buy from you. With all the virtual stores on the net, you
have a lot of competition. Put a little effort into turning
visitors into patrons.

3. No way to follow up - Your potential customer could leave and
forget that your site even exists. That's why you need to remind
them of your presence.

There are plenty of ways to get people's information so you can
update them about sales, special offers, and just let them know
that you are still out there.

Offer to email them free information, your newsletter, or updates
on specials. Your visitors will be happy to give you their email
address if you offer them something they want.

Once you have a visitor's information, you can use autoresponders
to follow up with them. Create a database of all your potential
customers, and don't let them off the hook until you've made a

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