How to Create Attention-Grabbing Classified Ads

By Jennifer Bosworth

Whether you own a business that sells information, services, or
products, a classified ad can be just the thing to generate sales
and new leads.

A classified ad has two purposes: to grab interest quickly and to
convince people to take the next step, whether that means buying,
calling, emailing, subscribing, visiting or ordering. A
classified ad should call the reader to action.

But before your potential customer will actually take action, you
have to get their interest and make them want what your offer.
Not only that, but you have to do it in 75 words or less.

Here are a few helpful hints for creating classified ads that
grab the reader's attention and spurn them on to action:

1. Offer something free, and put the word free in caps or bold.
It doesn't matter what the free thing is. It could be a free
string of dental floss and people are still going to read the ad
because it says the magic word.

2. Make the benefits larger than life. The benefits of your
product or service should make the reader think, "Wow, this is
exactly what I need!" Everyone wants to find that revolutionary,
phenomenal solution to even the measliest problem, and you are
going to provide it. Whether or not your product or service is
actually revolutionary or phenomenal, you have to make it seem
that way to build excitement.

should sum up the most important concept embedded in your
classified ad. And that concept should be big enough to catch a
reader's eye, even if they're only glancing through ads and not
actually reading them.

4. Your ad should be easy to read, for readers of all levels.
Make the sentences short. Use simple language. And, above all,
get to the point before your reader's attention wanders.

5. If you are going to include a phone number, make it an 800
number, even if it's a local call. People are wary of calling any
number that might have charges attached.

6. Don't abbreviate. Just because you know what an abbreviation
means, that doesn't mean anyone else will. You don't want readers
to miss the meaning of your ad because you were too lazy, or too
concerned about pinching pennies to spell out every word.

7. Place your ad in as many sections as apply to what you offer.
The more times it's printed, the more likely it is to be seen by
the right people.

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