3 Quick And Simple Ways To Improve Your Ad!

by Larry Dotson

1) Make It Easy To See

Make your ad's keywords and phrases stand out
by enlarging the text. This technique works wonders
with headlines and sub-headlines. People see them
first because it's easier for their eyes to focus on.
You could also use different fonts for your headlines
than the rest of your ad copy.

2) Make It Stand Out

Make your product’s list of benefits and features
stand out by using a symbol in front of each of them.
The symbol could be a dash, solid circle, star, etc.
Also indenting them will help make them stand out.
Each benefit should be written like a headline to get
the readers' attention and tell them what’s in it for

3) Make It Extra Visual

Place attention-grabbing pictures above and within
your ad copy. A powerful technique is to use before
and after pictures of people using your product.
They will give your target audience a clearer vision
of what you're offering. That will help them imagine
themselves getting the benefits of your product.

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