Internet Tip of the Week
       by Bob Osgoodby

Ad Space

Ad space in an ezine or on a web site, is just that - space, and
the web has no magical powers. If you write a bad ad, you will
not get responses. The same ad in a print publication, such as a
newspaper or magazine, would yield the same results. You can't
blame the space provider, if your ad doesn't produce.

Many people have fantastic results with this type of advertising,
and they all have a few things in common. They are selling a
quality product or service at a reasonable price, and have taken
the time to develop a good ad. They also realize that the only
purpose of the ad is to get someone to request more information.
They all have a web site that gives complete details, and where
they make the actual sale.

Just having a quality product or program at a reasonable price
is not the only thing you need. You must advertise it in an
intelligent manner. The ad you place is referred to as the
"tease". If this is done properly, it gets you to the next step
in the sales process, and that is the "education" stage. People
want information about the product or service they are about to

When people get to your web site, or ask for further information,
it is because they are interested. This is the case where "more
is better". The more information you can give them, the greater
the chances you have of making a sale.

A very common mistake is to confuse the "tease" with the
"education stage". If the web site gives little or no
information, it is in effect just another "tease". You can't
expect people to buy if you do this. You must provide solid
information on how they will benefit from your offer. Others mix
up the "education" stage with the "tease", and try to give too
much information in their ad. Neither approach will produce good

The final stage in this process is referred to as the "close".
This is where you give the person a reason for becoming your
customer. This can take various forms, but every good ad
campaign has one.

All of these elements from the "tease" to the "close" must be in
place if you hope to be successful in your internet marketing.
Miss anyone one of them and you will join the ranks of the "also

If your ad doesn't produce, examine each of the three stages to
see if it would get you to buy. Have a disinterested person
look at your sales effort. Sometimes you might get so close to
the process, you can't honestly evaluate what you're trying to

You must of course get ad space that is reasonably targeted to
your potential market. The ad for your product or service should
appear in places that your target market will likely visit. 
Don't forget that it might take 5 to 7 exposures to your ad
before someone bites. Don't be discouraged if immediate results
are not forthcoming.

Above all, don't blame the space provider - that is simply a
copout. They did their part by making the space available and
disseminating it to their subscribers - did you do yours?


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