Download Time is about 5-10 minutes, the file is 1.4 MEG.
Please READ "READ-ME" below BEFORE download and install.

Download Instructions:

1. To DOWNLOAD your copy of the POWER Submitter
 program, please click on the link below, or go to the following address:

WIN 95/WIN98/WIN2000 and NT ONLY [see below for Mac/other].

[ this information will be send to you in an email ]

(note: filename, username and password are CASE sensitive)

Download will start immediately, please SAVE it in a new or empty directory 
/ move it to it's own directory once downloading is complete.

If you get an error when you attempt to install, please try re-downloading
and re-installing first. It is common for download file to have errors IF
the download does not complete or becomes corrupt during download.

For Mac Users [OR windows users that have challenges with .EXE file]

[ this information will be send to you in an email ]

You will need WINZIP [] or
decompression software [for Mac users].

Then follow MANUAL startup info below 
[if you download the zip file only]...

[4] Read Me / STARTUP / Install/ Re-install FAQs.


Please note if you are re-installing or upgrading
your version of the Power Submitter it MAY BE
required, that you delete the old program files and/or
old Icons on your desktop.

Icons: Green Power Submitter Icon.
Files: c:/program files/belton enterprises/


Mac users - make sure you MOVE your "saved" files
if you delete this folder. If you are a WINDOWS user
and have saved files in this folder, also - make certain
you move them. It may be easiest to RENAME the
folder "belton enterprises" to another name, then
delete the old files later.


Make sure you save the ads to your harddrive 
BEFORE deleting - just in case...

The default directory is:

c:/program files/belton enterprises/

Delete this folder, and then proceed for re-install.
Upgrades will re-install in the EXACT same
directory as your old version. 

If you change this directory name your "ad forms" 
will not appear, and you will have to reload them 
from your harddrive.

"READ ME File"

[also installed when you install the program.]

============== Power Submitter Unlimited =======

This file contains BASIC information for starting the Power Submitter 
Unlimited software by BECANADA a division of
David Belton Software Enterprises INC. 

All rights reserved - any modification of program files may render
the software inoperative - extra fees will apply for tech help in
this situation - any copyright violation will be prosecuted to the full
extent of the law. All documents, files, applications and images
are copyrighted and protected by International law.

This version is for Windows 95/98/2000 and NT platforms ONLY
[Mac/Imac below].


After Downloading or installing from disk, click on the SETUPEX.EXE
file name - if you downloaded it:

1 . Click on "MY COMPUTER"
2 . Find the FOLDER you downloaded it to.
3 . Click on the SETUPEX or SETUPEX.EXE file.

This will start the install process - please follow on screen instructions.


You must have Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher installed on your computer
to install and run this program. If you do not have it, you can download it
free from:

Please DO NOT use a copy from CD, as the download version from
Microsoft direct is the most up to date.

This program WILL NOT operate without Internet Explorer 5.0 or
higher installed. If you try to install this program, it will not
work until Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher is installed.

[make sure you restart your computer after install of Internet
 Explorer IF you install it AFTER installing the Power Submitter
 unlimited software]

Special Note:

If you have received a special or custom copy of Internet
Explorer from the ISP - you may have to download and re-install
Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher from Microsoft.


If you have download and installed Internet Explorer 5.0 or
higher , you should have no difficulties. 
Connect to AOL as usual, and start the Submitter via the ICON.

If you have a challenge - download and install Internet Explorer
5.0 or higher direct from DO NOT use / install
it from an AOL CD/disk.

Manual Start Up:

On the off chance, your computer does NOT start up the
program when you click on the ICON and Internet Explorer
5.0 or higher is installed, do the following:

1 - Start up Internet Explorer.
2 - Click on FILE.
3 - Click on BROWSE.
5 - Choose "$start-program" or "start-program.hta"
6 - Click on OPEN to start the program.

RE-installing Internet Explorer 5.0 and/or re-downloading it and
re-installing it can also fix the "non start via icon".

Back-Up Copies

You are allowed to make ONE [1] backup copy of the INSTALL
file only. Please save to floppy disk only. To request extra
copies, contact BECANADA below.

We offer bulk purchase rates to qualified parties.
Contact BECANADA for details.


After install, click on the "POWER SUBMITTER UNLIMITED"
icon to start - MAKE CERTAIN you are connected to the
Internet BEFORE startup for smooth operation.

Software will AUTO-UPDATE at startup, if you are
connected to the Internet.

Other Icons [you MUST be connected to the Internet to use]:

1. "Power http://" - Becanada Website - troubleshooting help, tips
 and updates.

2. "Free Marketing Tips Website" - New tips and tricks to
 help you market online.

3. "Mailloop" - Ways to make emailing better and more profitable.

You can also view the 'instructions' directly, by clicking on the:

'help' icon (or help.htm) - this will open a file in your browser.

Also note, we DO NOT recommend running additional programs in the background, 
ESPECIALLY internet programs, while using the software.

If after reading the instructions (they are VERY detailed inside the software)
 - you have a challenge, please visit our website at:

To email us and/or get more information.

====== Upgrades ======

Upgrade notices will be sent to your email address. Note, that this version of the Power Submitter
contains several AUTO UPDATE areas INSIDE the software. Messages will be posted there from
time to time.

Thanks for Choosing BECANADA!

David Belton Software Enterprises INC.

Copyright 1996-2020 / D.B. Software Ent. INC - No part of this site may be reproduced without express permission.