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Frequently Asked Questions about Power Submitter Package, Free Classifieds and more...

Can I use this to advertise more than one product, service or opportunity?

AN: Yes, Power Submitter can handle up to 15 unique ads at one time, and you can load and save these groups of 15 ads - so you can work with any number of ads and therefore sell any number of products, services or opportunities.

Are there any upgrade fees? Monthly fees?

AN: No, you get free updates/upgrades for life, including the addition of new classifieds as they are reviewed and come online on a regular basis.

How Many sales can I make using this software?

AN: The number of sales you can make is based on 3 factors:

  1. The product/service/opportunity you are selling, the ad copy, headline and website[s] used to make sales. The bonuses included with the Power Submitter package are designed to aid and teach good ad copy/headline writing as well as give specific tips on website[s] design to promote/increase sales.

  2. The frequency of usage of Power Submitter package, including the AutoBrowser - and specific categories used. The Power Submitter package gives you the unfair advantage over your competors in terms of number of ads that can be sent at once and numbers of times you can repeat this process in a short period of time. This is important because it can take 7 or more times for someone to see your ad and take action. Obviously someone that can send ads out week after week to 1000s of classifieds can make more sales than someone doing this by hand by sheer volume and the fact people will see your ad[s] consistently.

  3. The visitor count of each classifieds AND the layout of said classifieds services. The sales potential of classifieds are higher than any other medium because visitors have a higher intent to purchase. You could get 100 hits from a search engine and get no sales, but get 5 hits from a classifieds and get 1 sale. Also, layout of classifieds service is very important. Most of the classifieds in the software require people that visit the classifieds - either as a visitor AND/OR someone wanting to post ads to be forced to read some classifieds before being able to view more ads and/or post more ads.

Do people actually visit free classifieds websites?

AN: Yes, 1000s of people per day visit free classifieds all over the world. Due to the unique design of the classifieds services themselves even people with only the intent to "place ads" are forced to view and read ads before they can place an ad. As a result you get people that actually visit classifieds reading your ads and people that want to post ads reading your ads too. In addition many free classifieds have paid classifieds too, which also get more traffic. In one network alone [there are several], every day 100+ manual free ads are placed AFTER these people see a minimum of at least 2000 free ads that day [7 days a week]; plus these people see all the ads previously placed by people forced to go to this step of placing ads too - a win win win situation for everyone. Many of the classifieds in this network are in the Power Submitter.

AN2: Webmasters that operate free classifieds services need visitors ; many systems and methods are used to get both indirect and direct traffic to their free classifieds services. Webmasters require both people to visit classifieds directly and people to place ads to achieve their goals with a free classifieds service. Plus there are many classifieds services software webmaster can download for free - so it costs little or no money for webmasters to add a classifieds service to their website[s].

Classifieds have many different ad sizes and requirements - how does Power Submitter adjust for this?

AN: On a "master page" you enter all the required information that is used to send your ad[s] out to over 2000 classifieds sites. Power Submitter will then send the correct information for each classifieds. Ad sizes are 30, 50 and 100 words - sizes set by the classifieds webmasters themselves - not Power Submitter. Power Submitter will automatically send the largest ad allowed with the correct information allowed to each classifieds.

New Classifieds come online all the time and change from time to time - how is this problem handled?

AN: Each time you start Power Submitter, it checks for updates, changes in classifieds or new classifieds and adds them to the software. This takes seconds only. There are no downloads or updates required.

I want to get "the word out" right now - but I am unsure to go with Classifieds or Search engines - what is the difference?

AN: Power Submitter will send your ads out instantly, and they will be instantly visible online - for people to read, and act upon [visit your website / contact you]. You can literally have people visiting your website[s] within minutes of downloading Power Submitter. Search Engines submissions take on average 1-8 weeks to become visible. The best plan is to get Power Submitter today for "short term" and repeated results, and then get Search Engine software to handle the rest of the long term advertising. We recommend Webposition Gold2- click here for more information - we recommend this product for search engines only, because of the special systems in it for testing your "pages" before submissions.

Will I get accused of Spamming by sending out my ad[s] to Classifieds in Power Submitter?

AN: No, all classifieds in Power Submitter have requested to have their classifieds included in Power Submitter database. In addition, 99% of classifieds in Power Submitter are automated. In addition, should you send the SAME AD to a classifieds, it will be automatically rejected until your old, current ad expires automatically.

How often can I send ad[s] using the Power Submitter?

AN: You can send ads out daily, weekly, monthly - it is up to you.

Can I send more that one ad to the classifieds in Power Submitter?

AN: Yes, you can send as many ads as you like. Keep in mind if you send an exact duplicate [ ie same email address, same website link, same ad copy and same headline] and you already have an ad there, then it will be rejected automatically UNTIL the old ad expires.

How long do ads last at the classifieds sites?

AN: Depending on the classifieds it can last 1 day, 7 days, 14 days, 30 days or longer. The average is 14-30 days.

Are all the classifieds in Power Submitter - free?

AN: All classifieds in Power Submitter are classifieds that accept free classifieds ads submissions.

Will I get confirmation of my ad submission[s] and how long will it take?

AN: About 1/2 of the classifieds send an email confirmation for each UNIQUE ad you submit to the classifieds. We recommend you get a free email address such as Hotmail or Yahoo to receive these email confirmations. Email confirmations are sent within minutes of your ad[s] submissions. Submissions to all classifieds take 2-10 minutes, depending on current internet conditions at time of submissions, current number of submissions being accepted at the classifieds and speed of your internet connection - Power Submitter automatically adjusts to send your ad[s] at the maximum speed possible.

What if I have a free classifieds service at my website[s] and want to add it to the Power Submitter submissions database?

AN: We manually review classifieds each week for inclusion in the Power Submitter submissions database. Once approved, your classifieds will appear in all client copies of Power Submitter for submissions. To submit your classifieds for review, go here.

I would like to get a free classifieds service and have it installed at my website[s] - where do I get this?

AN: We have multiple types of software to operate a free and/or paid classifieds service[s] at your website[s]. Go here for more information.

Some classifieds require confirmation - how is this handled?

AN: In a special section of the Power Submitter, these sites are listed. We only list classifieds with high traffic due to this extra step involved. 99% of the classifieds in Power submitter DO NOT require this extra step - in otherwords, once your ad is submitted, it is live and visible to the public.

Can I submit ads for other people? Start a submissions Service?

AN: Yes, Power Submitter can be used to submit 3rd party ad[s]. We DO NOT restrict clients in their usage of the software. Since you can save and load an infinite number of ads, you can easily start your own submissions service business.

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