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How Do I get the New Version?

  • Simply download and install - the new install will not reset current setting nor modify/delete current files and categories.
  • Version 1.2 - released Sept 29 2000, 10:30 AM - includes optional link to make commissions.
  • to download :

What is my Admin Password?

  • Your DEFAULT password at first install is dtb4863 - You should change this immediately, upon install.

  • If you forget your password, download the category.txt file , and open it in a word processor or note pad - caution - do not re-upload, as this may corrupt your classifieds site and all setting.
    1. Look in the FIRST line of this file.
    2. Here is a sample - this is the LAST part of the Line
    ....|Operator name|dtb4863||24|second|bottomdrvsec|topbottonpost|bottim3|
    3. The part in bold between the | [called "pipes"] is your password in this case dtb4863

My script is giving an error after checking everything?

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