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  • Our "affiliates" version takes a Silver, Gold or Platinum service and allows you to give and/or charge for "affiliate" versions of the service.
  • Affiliates can sign up free; you can setup rates based on % of ad revenues, cost per month - it is totally up to you.
  • Unlimited numbers of affiliates can sign up and they get a site instantly.
  • Every site added multiples links and/or traffic to your site.
  • This system is based on our Replication Software platform. It is easy to maintain ; and basically runs itself once installed.
  • Affiliates can earn income on ads, additional signups, and more...
  • The controls / features affiliates have are under your control ; as well as other aspects.
  • Please note; that "affiliate version" are customized to your requirements ; and as a result install is only done by us ; it it takes 2-4 business days to install based on your requirements and adjustments to install.
  • There are NO monthly fees or upgrade fees.
  • Customization available to meet exact requirements.

If you order Silver, Gold, Platinum or AFfiliates version today you also get the following bonuses FREE, worth over $200 which are an exclusive Becanada only bonus package; the items in this package are specially hand picked to help you get maximum results from your Isell Classifieds Service, increase traffic to your website[s] in general and help you get better marketing results overall and more...:

Bonus #1
"17 Simple but Deadly Email Marketing Tweaks"

Discover The Seventeen Simple 'Tweaks' I Use To Add A Zero Onto The End Of My Email Marketing Earnings ... The money isn't in the list - it's in the email that you send to the list ... I went back to basics and began using some of the simplest yet deadly effective methods that I'd previously ignored as being 'too simple'. The result was that I made more money in one week , than I made from a list 5X the size in a WHOLE YEAR. This bonus is valued at $47.00

Bonus #2
"Crap Advertising Methods"

I've put together a profitable blueprint (no fluff) on EXACTLY how to use these 4 pieces of advertising "crap" - FFA Sites , Safelists , Message Boards and Traffic Exchanges . How To Turn Worthless FFA Pages Into Consistent Sales... How To Find The Top Safelists Where Prospects Actually Read Their Emails... and more. This bonus is valued at $17.00

Bonus #3
"Affiliate Marketing Revealed"

90% Of All Affiliate Marketers Will Never Make More Than A Few Bucks A Month... Do YOU Know How To Be Part Of The Successful 10%?” What Tools You Need To Succeed! Where To Find The Best Affiliate Programs! A Glossary - Know What All Those Terms Mean! and more... This bonus is valued at $27.00

Bonus #4
"Social Media Traffic Avalanche"

Who Else Wants To Generate Unlimited Traffic To Any Website From High Traffic Social Media Sites Like Facebook and Twitter?..." This Report Reveals How To Generate As Much Traffic AS You Want -- All For Free! This bonus is valued at $17.00

Bonus #5
"21 Ways of Viral Traffic Generation"

Discover Amazing Marketing Secrets That Will Absolutely Flood Your Website with Traffic…With No Additional Cost! If you have a website, you need traffic. Regardless of what product or service you are selling, it’s been proven that the more visitors you get to come to your website, the higher your sales will be. The trick is, you have to get customers to visit! This bonus is valued at $47.00

Bonus #6
"Timeless Sales Strategies"

The Best Products Don’t SELL Themselves! "In The 21st Century, Times Have Changed And It  Isn’t Easy To Anticipate The Demands Of Your Clients Or Customers. We Know Because We Went Down That Road Before And We Can Testify That It Isn’t Easy Whether You Are Online Or Offline ... In this book, you will learn all about ideas that sales superstars use to become who they are today and how you can become like them too. In the 21st century, times have changed and it isn’t easy to anticipate the demands of your clients or customers. This bonus is valued at $27.00

Bonus #7
"82 Techniques To Put Money in Your Pocket"

Are you in debt? Do you want a new car or a new house? Do you just want some extra money so that you can take your family on a nice vacation? I think you can answer yes to almost every question above! If you answered yes to at least one of them, then I have an incredible resource for you. This bonus is valued at $17.00

Bonus #8
"Affiliate Marketing Know How"

Learn how to start making money with affiliate programs, products and services... This bonus is valued at $19.00

Bonus #9
"350 Webcopy, Upsell, Email, Product Creation, Traffic and more... tips."

Discover 350 Powerful Sales and Marketing Tactics You Can Implement To Your Business Right Now For More Profit... A unique way to getting more people to your website without PPC advertising, SEO and other 'normal' traffic tactics.... An easy way to find out exactly what your target market wants.... Using Twitter to build your credibility and gain traffic to your website... Tips on writing your headline and much more... This bonus is valued at $49.00

Total Value of All Bonuses: $257.00

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