Real Life Success Stories from our Customers.

"Hello, I am running your classified script on several sites. It works wonderfully."

-Lee Asher

"Hello, we really like the classified ad section that you added to our website.We are presently getting a large number of signups to it and to our search engine as well. Presently we are getting about 1000 signups to the classifieds per day and about the same amount to the search engine.I am very impressed with your sevice."

Thanks again, Elliott Nahman

"I appreciate the offer for the free install, but I'm capable of installing the script myself and am familiar with the Free "Bronze" version that I installed and toyed with last evening. By the way, my compliments to your ingenuity, this script looks like a great marketing tool with a nice selection of features. Thanks again for your help!"

Bob Oister

" I am so not used to anyone else installing my scripts. I've always just received the script via email and muddled through it myself. Sorry for the extra hassle. I really appreciate your setting this up for me."

- Melodi admin , myinweb

That is fab. Have a good weekend, Britta"

-Britta N. Herrmann, Communications Manager,

"I just want to thank you people .I have been selling boilers and pool heaters for about 3 years online.This is no fooling. You people are the only people that never want me to buy.You put my classified on my website for me. I just what to thank you very much for doing this for me.

-Your friend, Mike Bernier Pacific Service Co.

"Hello, the ISELL classified system is really good"

- John Eley


Thanks for the great script. I've been searching for a great classifieds script that I could use to operate my own classifieds site. This one fits the bill.

Mitchell A. McQueen

I am now requesting a free install of ISELL. Can't wait to use it. Looking forward to receiving free install of ISELL, I understand it will take some time.

Thank you for your help.

Nancy Capriglione

Is there anyway to get the script "more" customized?

I would be willing to pay you or maybe work something else out. Please let me know as i think the Isell script is the best I have ever seen.

Thank you,

Debra and Terry Jett ,JetTelecomm


I have installed the script to my server and it is working great and the script is just what my site need.

Jacquolyn Rudd

Wow I can't believe how much traffic I'm getting now. Thanks Dave

Mike Schur

Dear Sales at Becanada:

This is to sincerely thank you for the gift of the free software you have so generously awarded me. I shall look forward to implementing this software and learning more of the business on the Internet thanks to your able assistance. This is highly appreciated. I will remain forever grateful to you, as you have opened up this opportunity to me where it may not have been available for me for some time to come.


Marilynn Stark


I never hope to find a better resource for classifieds sites than your.Simply outstanding. I feel I should have paid for this.Since I am India, I have limited resources in US$. Thanks a lot.


Cool script! I love it. Nice script though one of the best I've seen yet. Thanks for script.

Randy Adams

Hi Dave:

I want to thank you for every thing you have did for me on my Isellsetup classifieds.

You know it would take me about 3 to 5 weeks to get some one to give me help to get that done and with some other Company that I have paid for the software, but with your FREE software you did it in 2 day.

Thank you again

George Whitecraft

Hi Dave,

Thank you so much for setting up my iSell. It is great!

Bonnie (Doucet)

Thank you for installing your isell script. It's quite a piece of work, as well as helping other people. Great idea.


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