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Frequently Asked Questions about Isell Classifieds Services Packages, Free Classifieds and more...

Can I use this to advertise more than one product, service or opportunity?

Yes, as the webmaster you can enter your own ad[s] directly in the classifieds, as well as in emails sent in email confirmations, and banners. Silver, Gold, and Platinum Isell clients can rotate multiple ads in email confirmations, send emails to people that post ads at any time, edit the complete layout of the classifieds [including adding links/ads] and also set that people must READ the email confirmation before an ad becomes visible. There are more methods, this is a short summary.

How Many sales / traffic / leads can I make/create using this software?

The number of sales you can make is based on 7 factors:

  1. Banners / Text Ads rotating at your classifieds
  2. E-Mail Confirmations Messages and frequency you email your ad posters.
  3. Lead followup / emailing - a followup system yields more sales over time.
  4. IF you classified[s] are listed in submissions databases and/or ISell Network listings.
  5. Visitors / Hits to your main website and links on this site to your free classifieds.
  6. In Gold and Platinum versions - the Keyword/ad notification system [this prompts people to visit your classifieds , view an ad YOU SEND, and more when an ad appears [posted] that matches their search criteria].
  7. IF the paid ads module for hands free paid ads classifieds is installed.

NB: You should see "ISell Usage Guides" for more details on using the various ISell Classifieds Service software to attain these goals as well as some other ways you can use our software to attain other goals pertaining to your website[s].

Do people actually visit free classifieds websites?

Yes, 1000s of people per day visit free classifieds all over the world. Due to the unique design of the classifieds services themselves even people with only the intent to "place ads" are forced to view and read ads before they can place an ad. As a result you get people that actually visit classifieds reading your ads and people that want to post ads reading your ads too. In addition many free classifieds have paid classifieds too, which also get more traffic. In one network alone [there are several], every day 100+ manual free ads are placed AFTER these people see a minimum of at least 2000 free ads that day [7 days a week]; plus these people see all the ads previously placed by people forced to go to this step of placing ads too - a win win win situation for everyone.

You can add your isell classifieds to the networking listings of websites and/or add it to our classifieds submissions database. Be prepared for a lot of traffic.

How often can I send ad[s] ?

Ads for a new posted ad and when an ad expires is sent automatically by the software. You can send emails/ads directly to people posting ads at your ISell Classifieds in Silver, Gold and Platinum versions using an online control panel - just log in, click the category and/or send to all clients that have posted ads, enter your ad, and click send. You can send daily, weekly, monthly - it is up to you. An automatic removal link is appended to all emails.

IS there a way for "leads" [clients that have posted ads] to be sent multiple messages without me doing anything?

Yes, we have a leads follow up service than allows to you to send an unlimited number of messages in series automatically to everyone that posts an ad at your classifieds. This service DIRECTLY connects to your classifieds - there is no need to upload/download leads etc etc. There is a small monthly charge for emailing your leads. You get a complete online control panel to admin all leads and you can send full html and/or text emails that are fully personalized.

Are there any upgrade fees? Monthly fees?

No, all classifieds [all versions] are one time purchases. The Bronze version is a free download and service does NOT expire.

Can I get a customized version[s] of the classifieds service software?

Yes - we do customization work on Silver, Gold and Platinum versions. Cost is determined at a set rate, based on the amount of work required to do customization. We can do any customization you require.

How Do I get Free Install for the free version?

Use the form below, and send your username, password and domain name for FTP access. Please allow at least 48-72 hours for install of Free versions. Silver, Gold, And Platinum installs are done same day, usually within a few hours of your order confirmation.

What special features do I need at my website hosting account?

You need Perl Version 5 or higher, and your hosting service must support/allow cgi scripts. All hosting that is paid support cgi scripts ; most free hosts also support cgi scripts.

Do you provide hosting and/or setup for classifieds service[s]?

Yes, we can setup a new hosting account on our servers [this is a complete hosting account - you can host your website[s] there too] and do the install of your ISell Classifieds service at the same time. Setup time is 6 hours or less from time of purchase.

What does it cost to upgrade from one version to the next?

All upgrades are based on the difference from the previous version you have installed only. Free install / upgrade install is included.

Can I install Silver, Gold, Platinum ISell Classifieds service or paid ads module at multiple website[s]?

No, each classifieds service requires a complete copy of the software [all modules] to run a complete classifieds service. We do offer 50% off each additional license for the software for additional classifieds site[s] and we offer larger volume discounts for quantities of 5 or more. Use the form below to inquire with our sales dept.

Can I install the Free Version of ISell Classifieds Service at more than one website?

Yes, there are no quantity restrictions in installing the free version only of the ISell Classifieds service. Please note NO MODIFICATIONS to the free version software is allowed in any way, shape or form without prior consent on BEcanada.

Can I rent or lease a classifieds service[s] once it is installed?

Yes, you can rent or lease a classifieds service to a third party. For example  - you purchase 5 licenses, setup the classifieds for your clients and charge them a monthly rate to "lease the classifieds service". Please note you must bill clients directly in this type of setup. You may not however resell  / re-install / duplicate the software itself in any way , shape or form. Please inquiry if you have questions about this kind of setup.

I want to set up several 100 classifieds services - how do a I do this?

Please contact our sales dept below; we will provide instructions/support on doing this.

IF I want to restrict ads from certain email address, websites or specific ad content from posting ads at my classifieds - how do I do this?

In the Silver, Gold and Platinum versions you have online control panels that allow you to set the classifieds to filter out any undesirable ads from ever appearing at your classifieds automatically. In addition, the webmaster of a classifieds has a special password that allows them to remove any ad[s] they want to instantly ; while at the classifieds. Plus - webmasters can receive an email copy of all ads placed in real time.

What if someone uses a false email address when they place an advertisement at my classifieds?

In Silver, Gold and Platinum versions there is a special setting that REQUIRES each person posting ads to CONFIRM the ad in an email prior to the ad becoming visible online. Webmasters can turn this on or off. People posting ads are notified automatically when this "requirement" is enabled.

How long do ads last at the classifieds sites?

Depending on the classifieds it can last 1 day, 7 days, 14 days, 30 days or longer. The average is 14-30 days. Webmasters can set a time period longer than 30 days for their own ads and/or client's ads. In addition, the "paid ads module" can take money 24/7 , and allow clients to upgrade their own ads and/or other clients ads [plural] and/or any ads they choose in real time. Webmasters can also set special "never expire" ads.

What does the Paid Ads Module do?

The paid ads module allows you to automatically accept all major credit cards and/or Paypal worldwide to allow clients to extend their classifieds ads longer than the time period set at your classified[s] service. Clients can "upgrade" any ads they want using pre-paid credits. Payment, credits updating, and systems updates are done in realtime WITHOUT webmaster intervention. Plus the paid ads module displays paid ads BEFORE free ads automatically. The Paid ads module is available for all ISell Classifieds versions, including the free version.

What if I have a free classifieds service at my website[s] and want to add it to the submissions database?

We manually review classifieds each week for inclusion in the submissions database. Once approved, your classifieds will appear in all client copies for submissions. To submit your classifieds for review, go here. In addition, your classifieds listing will appear in our ISell Classifieds Training newsletter, and BFree IMC newsletter as a new free classifieds. Other advertising systems are coming online shortly. There is NO CHARGE for review or inclusion of your listing in our newsletters / websites.

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