HOWTO: Increase your results with your ISell Software

  "How to Get 100s of Free Leads instantly
 and turn them into sales every day. 


@data[0] - Today we will be discussing how to get FREE LEADS
- 100s of them per day - using your Isell Classifieds Service
and how to turn these leads into money.

This discussion is for all versions of Isell Classifieds including
Free, Silver, Gold, and Platinum users.

For members with the Paid Module installed - this section is especially
important, because members with the "Paid Module" have a special
system which will prompt users to UPGRADE their "free ad" at
the classifieds site when they post AND via email to a "paid ad".

For more information on Paid Module click on the links on
the menu to the left.

Step By Step - Getting 100s of Leads per day.

a] First install the Isell Classifieds

 - if you need free install [any version], reply to this
 email and include username, password and domain name for
 install. To Order a Silver, Gold or Platinum version click
 on the links on the LEFT MENU.

 IF you need low cost, feature packed website hosting, which
 includes FREE install of Isell Classifieds go to:[3]

b] Once setup, log into your admin control panel, and customize
 your Isell Classifieds. Please make sure you have "ads" in
 the parts to send ads out to people that place ads.

c] Update your website... on the NEXT screen will be a screen
 to "CONFIRM" your site is active. This will add your ISELL
 classifieds site to a list of Isell Classifieds sites
 that receives 1000s of visitors a day... and you will 
 get leads [people posting ads], almost instantly.

d] To really BOOST YOUR LEADS [and number of people placing ads]
 PER DAY to truly huge levels, submit your Isell Classifieds
 site at:$/?@data[3]*REDIRECT=isell/addtosoftware.html*

 This will add your Classifieds site to submissions software and
 websites worldwide that will advertise your Classifieds Website.
 Expect 100s of ads per day, from Classifieds submissions software.


 IF you are using FREE HOSTING services, they may limit the
 amount of ads/visitors you can accept per day or even per hour.
 This can limit your results from your Isell Classifieds service.
 In addition, free services have banner ads and/or pop up windows -
 these detract from your results too.

 You can get low cost hosting below, with NO banner ads, NO popups
 and NO limitations on visitors or people posting ads at:[3]

 Also included is FREE install of your classifieds OR moving
 your current classifieds [and databases] to this hosting

Ok - I got all these leads!?! Now what?

- First, your Isell Service will automatically send out ads
 to each and every person that places an ad.
 Silver, Gold and Platinum ISell Sites rotate ads and
 headlines automatically.

- Second, you can EMAIL these leads.

Free Version owners can bulk mail or download these leads.

Isell Classifieds Silver, Gold, and Platinum members 
can personalize emails to any category or entire database 
directly from your online admin control panel or download
these leads.

- Third option - automatic continuous follow-up.

This is a power packed option. This will constantly email
every person that posts an ad at your classifieds [Free,
Silver, Gold, and Platinum users] with a SERIES
of timed and unlimited number of personalized sales messages. 

This system is automatic, and requires no work on your part and
can be DIRECTLY connected into your ISell Classifieds
Service by our techs... as a new person posts an ad, they
are automatically added to the system for you - completely
"hands free".


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