HOWTO: Increase your results with your ISell Software

 "How to increase your leads, traffic, and sales using 
  free search engines submissions in less time the
  easy way... "


Search engines are still the primary way people find what
they are looking for on the net. Even most Payperclick engines
employ some type of free listing from leading free submissions
search engines. For ISell members this represents a CONTINUING
free source of traffic and leads - and eventually sales.

If you are SERIOUS about using search engines to generate
traffic [to your main website, your ISell Classifieds or both]
you should invest in search engine software.

This software will automate a lot of the chores - including 
lead in page generation [a must for ISell Classifieds], 
submissions, ranking checking and more...

The following products will basically automate the whole process
for you.

Power Search engine Submitter [30 day free trial]:[3]*REDIRECT=powersearch.htm*


Webposition Gold II [30 day free trial][3]

These products come in multiple versions.

Note the first submits to far more sites, then Webposition GoldII -
but Webposition has powerful systems to setup pages and allows
you to test rankings BEFORE submissions.

Webposition has a higher learning curve and higher time commitment
- but is worth it in the long run...

With both products, the basic version will allow you to
submit up to 3 websites. The more powerful versions will allow
more websites, and features [like adding your own search engines
for submissions directly to the software]. Both products have
unconditional money back guarantees.

What if I want to do it manually?

IF you prefer not to use software here is what you will have
to do [for your ISell Classifieds]:

1 - Create HTML lead in pages that link to your ISell Site.

2 - Upload these, and update them regularly.

3 - Submit your pages [plural] by hand to 100s of search engines.

4 - Check for new search engines.

5 - Repeat 2,3 and 4 every 30 days.

6 - If you have more than just your Isell Website... repeat
 2,3,4 and 5 for each site.

IF you have the time - then go for it.

Keep in mind #3 alone will require approximately 10-20 hours
work by hand - if not more - each month TIMES the number
of websites you have...

Now some specific [for use with software or by hand]:

1 - Go out and search for classifieds yourself at search engines.
2 - Understand that the most common searches will include 2 keywords.
3 - Check multiple search engines.

Keywords you may want to use:

free classifieds
free ads
place ads
post ads
post classifieds
texas free classifieds
texas classifieds
dallas classifieds
usa classifieds

etc etc.

Note the last four - include locations... more on this
in a moment.

These guidelines will help get you started. IF you decide to
go the software route, these tasks will be completely automated
and simpler... if you decide to go the route by hand here
are the topics you need to read up on:

1 - Meta tags.
2 - Search engine rankings.
3 - Search engine policies.
4 - search engine listings [list of search engines].
5 - How to make lead in pages.
6 - Basic Html.
7 - Uploading webpages [FTP].

NB: See this issue's guest article for more info below.

Important final notes:

Regardless of the route you choose, allow 60-90 days for you
to start getting search engine traffic. You may want to go after
a nitch market [ie "dallas free classifieds" instead of the more
general "free classifieds"] - where there will be less competetion.

You may also want to consider setting up multiple websites and/or
multiple website domain names that lead to your classifieds sites
to increase results. This is really an advanced topic - but
still something you should be aware of.

If you are using a free hosting service [Hypermart or Netfirms]
or you do not have a full domain name - this will in many
engines LOWER your ranking - against other websites with full
domain names. Consider upgrading to paid hosting / hosting
with a full domain name.

Remember - it will take effort to achieve good rankings in
free search engines - keep at it, and you will succeed.

With this achievement you will get free traffic, free leads
and eventually free sales on a continuing basis.

David Belton

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