Profit --> 30 Day Traffic Return System


Your ISELL classifieds, @data[1] , is a global
traffic return system. What does this mean?

It means, that every 30 days or so - confirmation
messages ask users that posted to RETURN to your
site to re-post their ads. Now, here is where the 
importance of the HOMEPAGE URL setting comes
into play BIGTIME...

Side Note:

For information on setting this and other ISell 
settings, see "Admin Center" 


In the confirmation and expire emails [these are
the ones the prompt the user to RETURN to your ISELL site
AND your website], this URL is listed. 

What happens is the user is forced to return your homepage, 
find the link for the classifieds 


and then post another ad... then this repeats in another
30 days or so... and they see your site again, and again...


You may want to put the link at the BOTTOM of your
homepage to ensure the person must view the whole
page, before re-posting.

The more times they see your site, the more chances you
have of making a sale... This gives you 5 WAYS to make
money / get a sign up etc etc:

1 - Top ad in the confirmation message.

2 - Bottom ad in the confirmation message.

3 - Top ad in the expire email.

4 - Bottom ad the expire email.

5 - Return to your website to re-post an ad.

While we are on the topic, here are some other ways
to make money with your site , which will be discussed
in future issues of the ISELL newsletter.

6 - Top banner on every page of the classifieds.

7 - Emailing each category regularly, via the admin
  section and "EMAIL CATEGORY" section.

8 - Selling paid ad spots *

9 - Running your own "paid ads" in the classifieds.

10 - Selling leads for profit.

11 - Best-Host Hosting Link, earn 25%, 15% and
  Power Submitter commissions link.

All of these settings are accessed via the admin
area at your ISell Classifieds. Log in at the
bottom of the categories page to access this

For information on setting this and other ISell 
settings, see "Admin Center" 

* All users can add on a Paid Module to automate
paid ads 24/7/365 . This includes all Isell
free versions, Silver and Gold versions. 

See "Paid Module" 

For more information on paid modules.

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