ISell Classifieds Learning Series / General Marketing:

 "The Right Days and Times to Email your sales 
  offer/newsletter to maximize sales and 
  minimize spam complaints"


Ok David - this is hot information spill the beans!

Before I spill the beans it is important to understand why
this information is important to internet marketing. Unlike
"real world" advertising, internet marketing can take place
within minutes of completion of your ad copy or newsletter.
You can literally make money within MINUTES of your email
campaign starting. Knowing the times, and days people are
going to be most responsive to your offer is absolutely 
crucial to your marketing campaign. Also you want to know
when NOT to email because spam and spam complaints are a real 
issue - you obviously do not want to send emails on days 
that people DO NOT want to read ANY messages period. This article
will cover some of the crucial points required to be understood
to maximize your email internet marketing and minimize spam
complaint issues.

For the sake of focus this article takes into account that
you have a basic understanding of email marketing. Because of
the depth of the topic of email marketing, we will only cover
a small part here today. For in depth "everything you need
to know" information there are two excellent ebooks on
email marketing, which can be instantly downloaded:



Both have been reviewed and read by the author and they are
worth their weight in gold - if you read them completely
AND use the information in them. Bottom line is that
if you plan to make money online or want to enhance your
results - you need both of these.

Which days are best...

Before we look at that, understand that there are up and down changes
of "possible sales potential" within every month and of course
there are "seasonal" adjustments to also take into account.

What this means is a "hot sales day" may not pull as
much in the first week of the month as it does in say to
second or third week of the month. The same goes for understanding
fluctuations from month to month and season to season.

What are the best days for making sales in order?

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 

What are the best days for ezines/newsletters?

Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

What days should you not email on:

Monday - just do not do it - you just "love mondays" right?
Friday - people are preparing for the weekend.
Saturday - most people are out and about.

Testing results are based on years of internet marketing
at BEcanada and other top internet companies.

There will of course be exceptions. People looking to
plan their weekend would be most receptive to an email
in this topic on Thursday night or Friday morning. By
that same token if you are running a "joke of the day"
newsletter, sending it on monday would be a benefit - 
as everyone needs something on mondays to brighten the day.
Understanding and explaining the exceptions is beyond the scope
of this article.

This is only the tip of the iceburg. To really make
a differences you need to understand which times of the day
are better for your particular product, service or newsletter
and why. And of course which titles work and why, key points
about your website that must work a certain way, how many
times you should email a list and more.

Email marketing is like launching a rocket into space. A whole
lot of things must go exactly right at exactly the right time
to achieve your goal. Email marketing is the same way... everything
you can do to make your campaign better, and other factors
such as website design, sales copy, even the title of the email
all help you achieve your ultimate goal - more sales. Landing
the rocket is just as tricky. You may have "million dollar" emails
and "ad copy" - but your orderform or subscription form may
"crash the rocket" dead. All of these key points are covered
in the 2 ebooks mentioned below. The bottom line is do everything
you can to enhance the sales process and you will achieve 
maximum results.

See the following websites:[3]


For all the details you need to "launch and land" the
email marketing rocket the right way the first time
with the results you intend.

David BElton

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