HOWTO: Increase your results with your ISell Software

 " Power Sales: Email lead list management 101 "


@data[1] - did you know email is the most effective means
to still make sales online?

Your Isell Classifieds service is literally an email/leads/sales generation
machine. It works tirelessly as a classifieds service and keeps
track of all the leads in databases for you. These leads are GOLD
if you use them properly. Does not matter what you are selling, list
management is king. Today that is what we will cover in the 
HOW TO section on using your Isell Classifieds.

All versions have emailing functions. Log into the admin section, 
see Email Section... choose a category. You will then get a list
of all people in that category in various formats. You can copy
and paste these to notepad or wordpad and save them for emailing.

If you want to email directly from your desktop [and not using
your isp] see this product:

It will save you a lot of time and make the job easy.

For Silver, Gold and Platinum ISell Classifieds Services software
users you have a number of additional options.

a] Permanent database - this is a list of all people that have posted
ads in all categories. This list DOES NOT change, unlike the categories
databases which are current and change as ads expire and are deleted
from the database.

b] You can email right online. All upgraded versions of ISell Software
allow you to copy and paste your message in, and click a button.
The system send the mail for you - bypassing your isp.

c] All users can still copy and paste the database[s] of leads
from each category and mail them separately.

d] All users can also download the "raw" databases for use in
emailing programs such as Mailloop and other programs. These
databases are real gold as they include all info about the person
posting ads. 

Now I have all these leads... what do I do with them?
Or better - put who will buy what from me?

Information is power.
If you choose option D above [downloading the databases] you can
see what each person is trying to sell. Put yourself in their
shoes... what does this person need?

1. Paid Classified - they posted an ad at your site. One of the
easiest sells is to upgrade them to a paid ad.

[note: see "paid module" for doing this automatically 24/7/365].

2. IF they are promoting a business opportunity - introduce them
to another one AND/OR products/services to help them market
online better.

3. If you are feeling really aggressive, call the person - do not
be surprised if the number is no good - this is for all you
go getters out there!

You have a lot of options with your Isell Classifieds and usage
of the leads and services it provides. Email list management
and emailing regularly is the key to increased sales.

For more information, and back issues on other ways to use
your ISell Classifieds Services software, see:

Click on "NEWSLETTERS" for all back issues.

There is a lot of powerful information and tips here, for
Free, Silver, Gold, and Platinum Versions of Isell Software
as well as the new "paid module".

Thank you and have a great day.

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