HOWTO: Increase your results with your ISell Software

 " Radical Ways to Use your classifieds 
  sites to increase leads generation and sales."

Your ISell Classifieds [all versions] can be a powerful leads
and sales generation gold mine -if you just apply some simple 
techniques to it...

Right now, by default your ISell Classifieds Service is more
of an add on to a website, rather than being the "heart and
soul" of it. Many sites just have a link on their webpages saying
"free classifieds" and hope someone places ads in their classifieds
and/or submits ads via submissions software and/or links on sites
that list free classifieds site.

Today we are going to look at ways to use your Isell Classifieds
Service as the main part of your website or better put, central
core of your website.

Before we look at the specifics, let talk about what goals
you want your ISell Classifieds Service to achieve. The goals
you want to achieve will directly affect the setup of your
classifieds / website and how you market it.

Here are some goals you may want to achieve:

1] Generate Leads from people placing ads. AKA - generate
 a list of people you can email regularly.

2] Generate advertising revenue [banner, link impressions].
 If you traffic / pages views are high enough people will
 PAY YOU to have ads on your website / classifieds.

3] Generate revenue from Paid ads. People that get results from
 your classifieds, will purchase paid ads, because paid ads
 get more exposure. [Paid module required for this]

4] Display other items for sale while people view ads. This refers
 to ads you control, visible at all times which you earn a 
 referral on.

5] Generate Free impressions from free banners / links exchanges.
 This will generate additional traffic to your classifieds/web site.

6] After someone places an ad, get them TO READ the email you sent.
 This is to "confirm placement" of an ad ; enter a contest, win
 a prize etc etc.

7] Provide a high quality service to the internet community.

8] Offer additional places to advertise in conjunction with your
 ISell Free Classifieds. Additional low cost paid classifieds
 for example = generate revenue

9] Give people a strong reason to return to your Isell Classifieds
 service / website again and again. Contest, giveaway, trip etc.

10] Provide a "low pressure" reason to visit your site with an
 alternate goal in mind - ie introduction to a product, service
 or opportunity, that people may be resistant to and/or is
 being "oversold" online right now.

Now that you have a goal or two in mind, it's a matter of setting
up your ISell CLassifieds service to meet your needs and start
marketing it.

Setup is very important. Please spend some time adjusting
colors, setting categories, adding graphics, setting up
"blocks" [to stop posting of certain ads], links etc. etc. 

This way you can "test" your classifieds before you take it live.

Although the free version will work fine for some of the above
goals, a Silver, Gold or Platinum version will be required for
the more serious minded person that wants more out of their
classifieds business.

See the tabs for advanced versions on the LEFT MENU.

For what the higher powered versions can do for you.

Besides the main setup of the classifieds, you should also look
at setting up additional "portals" to your classifieds. This
can include lead in pages for search engines, links on your 
current website[s], popup/popunder windows from your current sites,
pay per click search engine listing [from a penny a click!],
and other types of advertising. Do not forget to advertise
on OTHER CLASSIFIEDS websites, especially in the high traffic
sections... many people are looking for other places to advertise
when they are done posting ads. Never stop looking for ways
to promote your classifieds service / website.

Once your classifieds service is setup, and advertising/promotion
has begun... do not forget to continue advertising and promoting!

IT will take time to attract revenue - all kinds - just keep
at it. Remember you have multiple ways to achieve revenue
generation - use them all , consistently and you will be

IF you are not sure what to do with leads, or how to email
effectively and properly, see:

It is VERY important you understand all the ways email
and the leads your isell classifieds service can generate
to get maximum results.

Have a great day!

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