HOWTO: Increase your results with your ISell Software

 "Increasing sales/leads/traffic by email 
 using the ISell Classifieds at your website[s]."


@data[0] - this issue we are will looking at how to increase
sales using the emailing systems in your Isell Classifieds Software.

First, there are FOUR systems in your ISell Classifieds you can use.

a] Email sent on posting an ad.
b] Email sent on an ad expiring.
c] Email sent on someone FORWARDING an ad to a third party.
d] Email sent via the admin emailer control.

The first three are automatic - you set the values for the headline,
and ad copy in your online control panel at your classifieds 
[access via the main page].

For users with the Bronze or Free version you can set one headline, 
and one ad. You should change these weekly, for best results.

For Silver and Gold users, you can set multiple rotating ads, and 
headlines which will automatically change by themselves - 
you can also set the ad to be sent
in HTML and change the "priority level" too.

Special Note:

Gold users have an additional "automatic advertising system" - the
Keyword notify system. This system allows visitors to REQUEST to
be automatically notified when an ad matching their info is placed.

[A notification with the actual ad AND your ad is sent 
by email automatically when this happens to the person 
that requested to be notified]

Here is what determines your success using email in order:

1] Power of your headline/subject line.
2] Priority of your email.
3] Html used in email [text works, but HTML pulls 3 to 7 times more].
4] Ad copy in email.

These are your success factors - you should work on increasing #1
the most and #3 as it has the most IMPACT
- as it is the most important!

How do I learn "killer" headlines?

Get on a bunch of safelists, ezines etc etc - and keep track of
which headline make you open the email...

Same thing goes for ad copy - I keep a file on all the
"HTML EMAILS" that really "PULL"... - IE grab my

There is one other very important factor...

>>> Will people actually READ or CHECK the email[s] sent?

In Isell Silver and Gold versions, webmasters can 
turn on "email confirmation" required feature... 
this REQUIRES that the person both enter
a valid email address AND they read it and click on a link within
the email TO ACTIVATE their classifieds ad...

Is there any other ways?

At your classifieds, indicate everyone that 
places an ad get's a "free gift"
that they can get within the email sent 
to them for placing an ad...

This could be an E-Book, Free Software... what ever...

Do not forget to actually add a download link in
the email ads for posting!

>>>> Remember : 

Your first "battle" when using email is giving 
people a compelling reason to actually READ the email. 

When people post classifieds ads YOU HAVE THEIR attention.
They want their ad to appear, and you want them to read
your emails ... use this to your advantage.

Using the "confirmation function" requires that a valid, real email 
address be used. This causes the the person to read your email [this
applies to both the email received after posting an ad and an email
sent when their ad expires] , AND you have a 
valid email address for FURTHER emailing later...

It takes several emails to make a sale - a valid, real email
address is important for you to get your message into 
people that will actually read your email[s].

=== Admin Emailer Control ===

We have covered parts "a,b,c" - now how 
about "d" - using the emailer function?

The "admin emailer" allows you to send a email to all people that
have posted an ad in particular category. Note, as ads expire these
leads will disappear from the database[s] automatically.

You access this feature via the online control panel for your classifieds.

Just enter your ad and push the button.

Silver and Gold users have additional features:

1] You can email all categories at the same time.
2] There is a permanent database of all ads 
 posted [and it can be emailed].
3] Your emails can be personalized.

Gold users can fully personalize emails... this is one of the most
POWERFUL ways to increase your response from email.

Personalization will raise your results 4-10 times.

How powerful is it?
Visit this site for stats, and info about emailing:

You should email your lists of people that have posted ads NO MORE
than once per week... if you email each category, keep in mind
that your ad should target your audience.

Example: People posting ads to sell computers, may be looking
for deals on computers, parts, software etc etc.

For members that want to automate this process we have a special
emailing service setup, see:

Click on "Autoresponder".

This system can tie DIRECTLY into your classifieds, and email
all people that post ads for you on a time delay basis...

You could set it to send emails to your people that have posted
ads at your sites every few days... all automatically...

Just enter your ads in the templates and the system takes care
of the rest...

We hope you found this article useful in getting the most
out of the emailing functions available in your free, Silver or
Gold version of your classifieds services software.

David Belton.

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