HOWTO: Increase your results with your ISell Software

"Rotating your Ad Titles"


One of the most powerful ways to use your classifieds to
create income / leads is to use powerful headlines for
your "ad posted emails" and "ad expired emails".

These emails are sent automatically every time someone posts
an ad at your ISell Classifieds site, and when that person's
ad expires at your site.

You can set the ad copy and headline in the admin section
of the classifieds site [access via the main classifieds category

You should change your "title" or "headline" for both 
"ad posted emails" and "ad expired emails" at least weekly.

Keep in mind, if you get a lot of "automated postings" to
your Isell classifieds, the "ad expired emails" will likely

If you have real visitors visiting your classifieds site
and post ads by hand, then you both the "ad posted emails"
and "ad expiry emails" will be close to equally effective.

What makes a good headline?

Limited time offer - FREE download - ...
Please confirm this ad is correct...
Confirm required...

You must get the readers attention - remember you
are NOT trying to sell anything with a headline OR
with the ads in your "ad posted emails" or "ad expiry
emails" - you are trying to get that person to take

"Headline" = Action = Get them to read the email.

"AD copy in email" = Action = Get them to a website.

Note, you have TWO ads in each "ad posted email"
and "ad expiry" email.

PS: In the Gold and Silver versions you can rotate
both the "ads" and "headlines" automatically.

On the net you have to use every chance you get
to sell your products and services and/or promote your
website[s]... using Isell Classifieds system effectively
is part of your automated marketing effort.

David Belton, Admin ISELL

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