HOWTO: Increase your results with your ISell Software

" Rotating Ads [html/text/other] at your Classifieds "


One of the most powerful parts of your classifieds is the
automatic rotating ads system. This system rotates plain text,
banners, html, links - you name it - as people visit pages on
your Isell Site. This system is available on free versions as
well as paid versions of Isell Classifieds System.

To access this system, log into your admin area via your browser and
go to "Banner Rotator". Enter each "ad" you want to list, followed 
by a delimiter [ %% ] between each one. You can enter any amount 
of text and/or html - mixed or otherwise... 

Each "ad" will then rotate in order at the TOP
and BOTTOM of each page of your ISELL site, as each visitor visits
your site. When all ads have been displayed, the pattern will repeat
from the first ad.

These ads are SEPARATE from ads than appear in emails. 
You can list multiple ads at the same time... 
just add the delimiter.

Here an example:

Visit my site : is my other site: is my hosting site:

In this example there are THREE rotating ads - in this case all
in text for the sake of clarity here. Note the special delimiter
characters %% - these tell the software when a "block[s]" of
ads start and end. You can enter 1 ad, 5 ads, or 20 ads in a
single block - it's up to you. You can use text, html, flash,
javascripts, java - there are no limitations.

For an example site, see:

Select "[USA] California" at the top of the screen.

In this example, there are rotating banners at the top
and bottom of each page - visit some pages to see how
this works.

In this real live classifieds HTML banners, with links
are being rotated , one ad at a time.

Sharp readers will notice "banner exchanges" at the bottom
of the page - this shows how premium versions of ISell Silver
and Gold Versions [which allow customization of top, bottom 
and left sides of displayed pages] can be used to aid in 
the promotion of your classifieds site[s] BY PEOPLE
viewing ads / surfing your classifieds site[s].

Special Notes:

AT your ISell Classifieds [all versions] you can activate
links for Power Submitter, Best-Host Hosting, and Isell
classifieds COMMISSIONS links. These are turned on or off
in the ADMIN section of your classifieds control panel.

Each commission from these links are paid to you.

These links/banners are AUTOMATICALLY generated by remote
systems, and tracked to your classifieds site.

These ads will appear bottom of the page, and BELOW your
rotating ad[s], if activated.

For more information on how to use the "admin section" of
your Isell Classifieds [accessible on the main page only
of your Classifieds site, at the bottom of the page] visit:

Click on "Admin Center".

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