HOWTO: Increase your results with your ISell Software

 " How 'real FREE traffic' placing ads 
 helps you meet your Isell Classifieds Goals. "


@data[0] today we are looking at how real traffic placing 
real ads at your Isell Classifieds site HELPS your website[s]
reach your goals for using an ISell Classifieds.

The Isell Classifieds software [and resulting network of over
1841+ ISell sites worldwide] is a carefully planned system.

It's design is to give webmasters a "value added" service to
their visitors, act as a lead generation device and also create
sales with marketing messages sent by the classifieds.

For people posting ads, it's designed to give users fair exposure
by an automated rotation system, it will notify them when an
ad expires automatically, guarantees them an ad view and allows
them to place an ad on the GLOBAL ISELL network which is connected
to all sites worldwide - giving them a guaranteed audience for
up to 24 hours.

For people viewing ads, it's designed to give quick and easy
access to ads. Your ISell Classifieds allows viewers to browse
categories, search a single or all categories at the same time,
and check global ads online. And content changes real time
to keep people coming back...

AS a webmaster - you want people to post ads. This generates
leads, and sales long term, while generating a leads list.

Special Note to ISell Classifieds Gold Version users only:

You also want people viewing ads, because of the "Keyword"
notify system.

To do this properly, you want people POSTING ADS to get results.
Which means their ads have to be seen...

The more ads that are seen - the better... for everyone.

Now before we go into how to do this, let's talk about
the why for a moment.

Why :

 1] Generation of Leads.

 2] Generation of actual ads for readers to see.

 3] People posting ads RAISES the level of your ISell
 site in the network. *

 4] If you are using the ad rotator - more people see
 your marketing messages [even before posting or viewing

 5] Generation of sales - immediate and long term.

* Only people that VISIT your Isell Classifieds website,
post an ad, and then have the option to post a GLOBAL AD
will accomplish this task. Every time a global ad is placed,
a link to your ISELL Classifieds is listed on the global 
ads lists - and people posting ads from OTHER ISell Classifieds
are PROMPTED to place ads on sites LISTED on the Global 
Ads list [ which only lasts 24 hours ]... sending more
traffic and leads your way.

All of these "whys" are good reasons for sending traffic to
your classifieds...

But it is important that if a classifieds is being used in
conjunction with your website [which you are trying to sell
products and/or services and/or opportunities] that it does
not INTERFER with the primary goal of your website[s].

There are a number of ways to do this, and "meet" your "whys".

The goal here is "traffic to your classifieds" but do not 
"mess up my website" - if hosting a classifieds is NOT your
primary reason for having an ISell site.

Here are some ways to get visitors to your Isell Classifieds
website AND NOT interfer with your main website's goals:

1] Use a pop up or pop under AFTER a sale, request for more 
 information, sign up, etc etc has been made.

2] Use a pop under after someone goes to leave your site and
 /or after leaving certain pages.

3] Add a link to your classifieds on a menu near the bottom
 of the screen / different pages.

4] Add a resource section to your website[s] then links
 to your classifieds.

5] Market your products and services AGAIN using the ads
 in the ads rotator system, and emails the classifieds
 sends out.

6] In email confirmations from your website[s] [ie sales,
 request for more info, etc etc], add a link to your
 ISell Classifieds in these emails.

7] Submit your classifieds site to websites that list
 lists of classifieds sites - in otherwords, sites
 used by people that are looking to post ads.

These are just some of the ways your can send "free 
traffic" to your Isell Classifieds sites to generate
traffic to get people to post ads, view ads, and keep 
everyone as happy as possible...

And for you as a ISell Classifieds webmaster to
meet your goals for having a classifieds 
in the first place.
David Belton.


A "pop up" is a window that opens over the current browser
window, a "pop under" opens UNDER the current browser window.

To do either of these tasks you need to use "javascript".

A pop up:"open my http page","window name");

A pop under:"open my http page","window name");

Note, the "script" tags are not here as some mail clients
would actually execute these. Search for "popups scripts"
and "popunder scripts" at for more information.

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