New Product ISELL Classifieds Platinum - 

Infinite categories, sub categories 
& sub-sub-sub categories... and much more!
@data[0] - we are proud the announce the latest version of classifieds services software - our new ISell Classifieds Platinum! The Platinum version has all the features of the Gold Version, plus our new completely automated paid ad processing system and new infinite categories systems! Platinum version includes the following: a] All Gold Version features including: - Full email personalization for emailing categories - Full automatic keyword notification system. - Full customization of the classifieds. - Image uploading [and hosting of images] - And much more... Read about all the Gold features included with the new Platinum version here: Silver/Gold Version Platiunum Version b] New Automated Paid Processing system... Now you can have paid ads, with completely automatic processing. Clients can purchase ad credits, and immediately apply them to any ad or ads at your classifieds... and the money goes straight to you - REAL TIME. Payment processing allows for Visa, Mastercard, American Express Paypal and E-Checks - in real time. A secondary processing solution is also implemented to allow real time processing for all countries worldwide. This is a completely HANDS OFF system. Read more below, here . c] New "Infinite Categories and Sub categories" system. As in the Free Version, Silver version and Gold version you could always add as many categories as you wanted... But what about sub categories? And sub categories of sub categories? And so on? Here is an example: Click on "United States", Sub category "Florida", Sub-sub-category "Miami", sub-sub-sub category "Employment", sub-sub-sub-sub category "Office Worker"... Does this format look familiar? [ Yahoo! ] There is no limit to sub categories, sub-sub-categories and so on... in either "depth" ["Office worker" is 5 levels deep] or "width" [number of categories within any category or sub category]. Here are some example classifieds this level of service would be used for: - Automotive - Real Estate - World Wide Classifieds - Specialized Classifieds - Personals - Classifieds by Country, State, City, Town... you name it. - Any classifieds with multiple layers or categories... In addition we have made it simple and fast to add multiple categories and sub categories in minutes... Just enter the name of each category one per line, and hit add categories - you can add 1, 5, 10, 50, 100 at a time in an instant! Plus you can have "upper level" ads too... for example, when you click on "Florida" there would be ads for all of Florida AND you can also pick a town [in this case "Miami"] for ads in just "Miami". Like all versions you can upgrade from a Silver or Gold version directly to a Platinum version by paying only the difference in the version to version costs. And if you upgrade [all versions, including free versions] there is NO INTERRUPTION in your classifieds service. Compared at classifieds software products at 2 to 10 times this price... Isell Platinum version is a real bargain! Upgrades are available for Free Version, Silver Version, and Gold Version - all upgrades cost the difference between the current version and price of Platinum. If you have a: Free Version credit [$0]: Upgrade is $199.95 Silver Version credit [$50]: Upgrade is $149.95 Gold Version credit [$99.95]: Upgrade is $100 If you have a Silver or Gold classifieds pre order at:[3]

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