New Module Completely Automated Real Time paid processing 
 - for all versions including free version.


This is the one everyone has been asking for... completely automated
paid classifieds system - hands free, runs 24/7/365!

The new "Automated Paid Classifieds" module allow you to upgrade
your free version, Silver Version or Gold Version to a COMPLETELY
automated fully paid classifieds service.

When we say completely - we mean completely automated.

Here is an example:

a] Person visits your classifieds site, wants to place an ad.

b] After placing a FREE AD, they have the option to purchase
 ad credits.

c] They setup an account [free, instant] and then purchase
 credits online [real time processing].

d] Their "bank" of credits are updated [again real time], and
 they can then extend their ad[s] in any category[ies] at
 your classifieds site... AT ANY TIME.

e] Even if a person has ten ads at your site, they can use their
 "credits" to extend their ads... all under their control.

f] Members can purchase "credits" at any time.

g] System automatically keeps track of all credits for each 

h] Credits are automatically updated real time as they are used.

Benefits to You and Your classifieds:

- No processing required by you at ANY POINT.

- Clients can purchase an unlimited number of credits.

- You set the prices and what each "credit" is worth.

- Clients can return to your classifieds to renew / extend ads
 an unlimited number of times.

- System is completely self contained and will advise client to
 purchase more credits as needed.

- System automatically adds "time" to the ad expire for the client
 on the fly real time.

- System automatically changes "ad listing" to "premium" for
 paid clients instantly upon paid ad renewal / upgrade.

- Accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club, Discover,
 Paypal, Online E-Checks... all automatically while you sleep.

We including the complete system to do this, the upgrades for
your classifieds AND the automated payment processing software too.

Automated payment solutions included:

- Paypal 
[includes Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Paypal, E-Checks]

- 2Checksforyou , accepts payments for all countries.
[includes Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, Diners Club , E-Checks]

All upgrades are performed by our techs - there is NO downtime
for your classifieds. 

Merchant accounts for online processing are FREE, direct sign
up links included with your setup.

Sign up instantly for a free merchant processing account, 
we upgrade your classifieds and you are in business 
- it is that simple.

Once installed, there is nothing to upgrade, or add...

Just promote your classifieds and watch the money
come in... real time.

We are offering a special limited time price.

Release Price: $50 including free install.

Upgrades are available for Free Version, Silver Version, and
Gold Version - all upgrades cost the same amount.

To pre book and pre order [any version], go to:[3]

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