Learn how adding a new Paid Classifieds module can increase
your website profits... and you keep 100% of the money!

This is the one everyone has been asking for... completely automated
paid classifieds system - hands free, runs 24/7/365!

The new "Automated Paid Classifieds" module allow you to upgrade
your free version, Silver Version or Gold Version to a COMPLETELY
automated fully paid classifieds service.

When we say completely - we mean completely automated.

Here is an example:

a] Person visits your classifieds site, wants to place an ad.

b] After placing a FREE AD, they have the option to purchase
 ad credits.

c] They setup an account [free, instant] and then purchase
 credits online [real time processing].

d] Their "bank" of credits are updated [again real time], and
 they can then extend their ad[s] in any category[ies] at
 your classifieds site... AT ANY TIME.

e] Even if a person has ten ads at your site, they can use their
 "credits" to extend their ads... all under their control.

f] Members can purchase "credits" at any time.

g] System automatically keeps track of all credits for each 

h] Credits are automatically updated real time as they are used.

Benefits to You and Your classifieds:

- No processing required by you at ANY POINT.

- Clients can purchase an unlimited number of credits.

- You set the prices and what each "credit" is worth.

- Clients can return to your classifieds to renew / extend ads
 an unlimited number of times.

- System is completely self contained and will advise client to
 purchase more credits as needed.

- System automatically adds "time" to the ad expire for the client
 on the fly real time.

- System automatically changes "ad listing" to "premium" for
 paid clients instantly upon paid ad renewal / upgrade.

- Accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club, Discover,
 Paypal, Online E-Checks... all automatically while you sleep.

We including the complete system to do this, the upgrades for
your classifieds AND the automated payment processing software too.

Automated payment solutions included:

- Paypal 
[includes Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Paypal, E-Checks]

- 2Checksforyou , accepts payments for all countries.
[includes Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, Diners Club , E-Checks]

All upgrades are performed by our techs - there is NO downtime
for your classifieds. 

Merchant accounts for online processing are FREE, direct sign
up links included with your setup.

Sign up instantly for a free merchant processing account, 
we upgrade your classifieds and you are in business 
- it is that simple.

Once installed, there is nothing to upgrade, or add...

Just promote your classifieds and watch the money
come in... real time.

Only $49.95 including free install by our qualified programmers.

Upgrades are for Free Version, Silver Version, and
Gold Version. 

To order the paid module for any version, Click here


The Paid Module is included with the Platinum version, as
part of the platinum package.

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Version or want to contact us?
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