Silver and up Versions Admin Section

This section is to be used in ADDITION to the regular admin sections to control and setup your classifieds site. These instructions refer to the setting in your admin section which completely controls your classifieds site. Changes and/or additions are listed in the ORDER THEY APPEAR on your Admin control panel. Beside each feature it will say "new" or "change" to help you update your site setting correctly.

Silver and Gold Version and up features

This section contains additional information on Silver version and higher ADDED features. In some cases features have changed, please see these in RED.

New in Version 3.1

This section lists the two new admin sections in 3.1 versions. See other sections below for additional information.

Admin Control - Block unwanted posting of ads

Access this via the admin control interface  - link will be at the top of the screen. Enter website, emails or phrases/keywords [Gold only] you want to block - ONE PER LINE ONLY. Updates are instant. This system using partial matching technology. Please see examples on this page.

Admin Control - Admin the databases...

Access this via the admin control interface  - link will be at the top of the screen. This section is used to directly admin the databases of ads at your classifieds - including the permanent database. You can remove entries directly, and update the database - each category. Power Delete function does a "mass match" against all entries for rapid mass removal.

You can also edit the CONFIG file to change the order the entries for each categories name are listed on the main page of your site. Please exercise due care when using this part of the admin interface, as changes are permanent.

Version 3 and above admin information...

CHANGE: Email Category -
You will have an additional category here, called "Permanent database" - this is to email ALL advertisers in all categories. Unlike other categories, these will NOT auto-delete when an ad expires - note, when you send email now, a special mailer will activate to send your mail to each user rather than BCC.

NEW: Site Config [ top of page, bottom of page, left side] -
This fields will be the HTML used to customize your classifieds site on all pages. You can add text, HTML, script, flash - anything normally displayed on a website - just copy and paste it in. "Left side" is only displayed when categories are shown, and is limited in width to approximately 150 pixels.

CHANGE: "Your Classifieds Name:"
This field will only be used in emails sent by the software and the actual TITLE [as displayed in the title area of a browser window]. It will NO LONGER be used to the main title on the main page.

NEW: "Your Classifieds Image Logo [ ]: "

This will only display IF you do not have anything selected in the "top of page" config section for HTML. This will point to an image to display at the TOP of your classifieds like a logo.

NEW! Font type for display of all text? [ie arial,new times roman,arial narrow ]

This will set the font type of all text on your classifieds site.

NEW: Ads display options [Leave blank for full ad, enter 1 for title/limited ad copy only, with link to full ad.]

This sets HOW ads are display when someone clicks on a category. Default is full ad, 1 will limit the headline only, with a limited description - this is handy if you set a large ad size/ or you have lots of ads/ or if you allow images to be display with ads. When a user clicks on a link to view this ad, they will have the ad viewed full screen with images.

NEW: Allow user option to place GLOBAL ad AFTER placing an ad? [enter 1 for yes]

This will turn on or off the ability for the user to be able to place a FREE AD in the global network of classifieds AFTER they place an ad at your website. Remember ... global ads are seen by every user in the global network AND your classifieds link is also displayed too.

NEW: Allow HTML in Ads [ad copy only]? [enter 1 for yes]

This will allow users to have html in the ads they enter... it is recommended that if you allow this, you set "ad display options" to 1 so their ad is displayed separately.

NEW: Maximum Ad Copy Size? [default 250]

This sets how many CHARACTERS can be allowed in the AD COPY portion of an ad.

NEW: Allow images with ads? [enter 1 for yes]

This will users to enter an HTTP address for images to be displayed with their ads. Note, that HOW images are displayed will depend on the settings "Ads display options" above - if you leave as normal, a link will be displayed, that says "Picture" - if you use the setting for shortened ad display and the user has to click on the link to see the full ad, then the full image will be displayed WITH the ad.

NEW: Force user to verify email address, by clicking link in email sent upon posting**? [enter 1 for yes]

Before an ad will be displayed, the user will HAVE TO click a special link in an email sent to them from your classifieds site - this forces them to use a real email AND read your ads in that email.

NEW: Webmaster should verify ads BEFORE viewable [1 for yes]?

This is useful if you want to run a paid only classified ads, or you want to inspect ads prior to the public being able to view them. A special email will be sent TO YOU each time someone posts an ad in this mode to your email with a link you have to click to make the ad visible.

** This feature is bypassed, if "webmaster verify" option is enabled.

CHANGE: Paid Ad Link

This will activate a link to a webpage AFTER a person posts a free ad to pay for an extended ad. Once payment is accepted, click on the category of the ad, modify/delete link and use your ADMIN password to modify the date of expire on the ad. [leave this field blank if you do not have paid ads AND/OR if you do not have an HTML page to display after someone places an ad. ]:

NEW! Show Commissions Link to Paid Versions of Classifieds Software for Websites?

Earn 50% commissions per sale... this will enable an ad to be displayed that will earn you 50% commissions on any version of paid ISELL classifieds script you sell automatically.


The email advertising system for posted ads, delete ads, and refer a friend email have been updated with new features. You can now copy and paste in an UNLIMITED number of ads, that the system will choose AT RANDOM to go with each ad posted, ad deleted or refer a friend email.

In addition you have an unlimited number of RANDOM subjects that can be added to - which will be personalized with the persons name on every ad posted and ad deleted emails.

The most important note here is how the program checks to see where one ad / subject begins and another ends... for this we use %% to denote this... here is a sample:


subject 1%%subject 2%%subject3%%

and so on... the same applies to the ad fields too...

TIP: you can used multiple HTML messages as well as text - the system does not care - just make certain you put a %% at the end so it knows where one ad begins and ends... ONCE SET, the system will random choose both ads and headlines... until you change them.

Gold Version and up features


Make sure you read the section[s] above for features and how they work... this section covers ADDED features available only in the GOLD version and above... if you have an free version or silver version you can upgrade anytime...

The Gold version is designed to operate faster, in terms of ad serving, posting etc etc that free or Silver versions.

NEW: Keyword Notification System - How it works.

This has no admin controls at this time - it is completely automatic.

Here is how it works, and works for you:

  1. On ANY page on the classifieds site, the viewer can be entered into the keyword system.
  2. They can choose their keywords/phrases and how long they want to be notified on new ads.
  3. Upon EVERY new ad posted, this system will activate and check the new ad posted against what ALL users entered into the keyword notification system are looking for...
  4. The system will then email ALL users that match the keywords/phrases with the ad itself AND 2 of your ads [randomly chosen from the "ad posted" emails ads].
  5. All keyword users have the option to remove themselves via automated link in every email notification.

CHANGE: Add Category:

The only change here is that now you can set a category to be a PAID only category. This will however trigger a series of events when someone posts an ad:

  1. User will be advised it is a paid only category.
  2. Webmaster verify option will automatically occur - in otherwords you will have to verify the ad [via a link set to you in an email] BEFORE the ad can be seen by the public.
  3. Once verified by the webmaster, the ad will be seen by the public instantly.

CHANGE [from silver version] - Email Category

This section works as before, includes a permanent database as well - but now you can personalize ALL EMAILS sent to each database - with the persons firstname and lastname... see instructions to do this in the mailer section.

NEW: Set a STYLE SHEET to be used with your site.

This will set the HTTP address for a cascading system sheet file [ ie mysite.css ] . Style sheets allow you to customize how links are displayed for example and many other features. Simply upload a file with .css ending and activate the link in the admin area.

Here is an example

a:hover{font-size:10pt; background-color:gold; font-family:arial narrow; }

a{text-decoration:none; font-family:arial narrow; }

This will remove the underline in links, and when a user moves their mouse pointer over it, the background will turn GOLD.

NEW: Allow images UPLOADING with ads ? [enter 0 for no OR enter a number for max size of image ie 11 would be 11K ]

This new section both ENABLES and sets the maximum size of images which can be uploaded to your server. Remember - this will PHYSICALLY upload an image to your server - make certain you have enough room on your website for this AND following setting is set correctly.

NEW: Images UPLOADING directory ? [enter the "path" to folder on server to contain images, this must be a folder accessible online, via http ]

This will set the actual folder on your server that IMAGES are kept, when a user uploads an image. This can not be in a CGI-BIN - it must be in a folder regularly accessible online. The default is ../../gifs which would be "two folders down" ( /c/ folder and then /cgi-bin/ folder)  and "gifs"... would be the WWW folder - in otherwords:  

would be where the images are stored. "../" means move down a folder tree. [ in this case your classifieds script is stored TWO levels above the WWW folder or /cgi-bin/c/ ]

You must ensure that the folder you set is "writeable" by the classifieds script - CHMOD to 666 or 777 , otherwise an error will occur. IF you change this folder, all previous images in the "old" folder will STILL WORK in the previous folder, new images posted in the new folder will also work - image names are ENCODED to prevent users from using your site as storage area for their images and using up your bandwidth.

Important Admin note:
As ads are deleted/expire, images will NOT be deleted - you can delete these via FTP - sort by dates is the easiest way.

The option to upload an image will be presented to the user AFTER the main information is entered for their ad.

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