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How we turn a "website" into a "1000s of Narrow Cast Sales Machines"...

From : David Belton
Tuesday 10:44 AM.

Dear Friend,

We are going to turn "regular" replication software / systems on it's head and show you how to really use it as a marketing machine directly - a narrow cast website sales machine.Today we are going to show you how to use it to increase Return on your Investments in terms of advertising online - and increase your sales.

What? I thought people used replication software to run an affiliate program.

Yes, 99.9% of webmasters do use it for that function.

The Becanada Replication system was designed with flexiablity in mind - to do many functions, not just run an affiliate program.

You see a replication system like ours allows you to customize each webpage with affiliate ID's, name, phone #, email address etc etc from a database. This way each "website" is customized to each affiliate - it is personalized.

However - the customization issue does not end there - this is only the beginning. The Becanada replication system was designed to take a regular website and almost instantly transform it into a replicating website, with minimal work by the webmaster.

The most important word to understand here is "transform". Our software can change any coding on a webpage - it can change text, HTML, links, images, javascript - you name it. In otherwords it can take your webpage or entire website and change it on the fly according to your requirements.

99.9% of webmasters only use all this power to generate websites for their affiliates. Folks - this is not even close to the potential at your fingertips. To understand where I am going here, this will require a subtle change in thinking... not to worry, we are not talking UFO technology or anything like that.

Here is the question:

What if I thought of a "keyword" or "phrase" [ie - someone searched for on a search engine] AS an "affiliate" ?

WHAT?! - hang with me a minute - this will make sense.

Lets say your website is about internet marketing in general.You have specific parts for software, tools, resources. Someone searches for "online advertising technologies" in a search engine. Normally they are brought to your homepage, or sub page within your website. If you have lots of keywords or phrases in pay per click engines, many of these keywords/phrases may direct a person to the same webpage / website [basically the same content].

Many people that invest in either search engine listings / pay per click engines have ways to tracking what keyword/phrase was used to generate the "hit" or "visitor".

Here is an example:

This information will be used NORMALLY for tracking sales and/or hits.

Likewise almost the same format is used for affiliate websites:

For almost the same reasons. Now, lets go back to this link:

This tells me it is from "overture" and the keyword/phrase is "internet marketing".

Now think of "internet marketing" as you would an affiliate.

Customize "internet marketing's" website using the replication system... and database.

Although technically we are doing the same job as we do when we customize a regular affiliate website, here we are into a whole new kettle of fish.

Here we are customizing a website based on what a visitor searching for "internet marketing" EXPECTS TO SEE. In otherwords we are customizing the experience the visitor will experience in REAL TIME.

In this situation you would use the Becanada NarrowCast Sales Software to customize:

- Pictures
- Sales headlines
- Benefits
- Ad copy text.
- Links.
- Price[s]
- Guarantees..
- And more...

In otherwords instead of a shotgun approach to sales, you now have a narrowcast system designed to precisely target your visitor with an exact website, based on what THEY are LOOKING for - right now.

Ok - bring this forward...

With our software you can now create 1,10,100, or 1000's of websites from one MASTER WEBSITE - precisely targeting each keyword and/or phrase to whatever degree you want and creating a truely targeted website on the fly.

With Becanada NarrowCast Sales software, all this can be a reality now.

Our software, when added to your website[s] allows you to setup a narrowcast sales website automatically 24/7/365.

The software does the "hard work" and allows you to host 1000's of "unique" narrowcast replicated websites on your single hosting account. This allows you to harness the power of software technology to automatically build your income, and it costs you next to nothing - you could have 5, 500 or 5000 narrowcast websites and they all cost the same!

Your system consists of:

  • Software to turn any website into a narrowcast website automatically.
    With a powerful on the fly encoder, it automatically turns your website in narrowcast replicating website in no time at all. You can insert special tags for custom replication automatically.

  • Software to edit a website online directly by online control panel
    Just login into a special control panel and make instant changes to any number of webpages at your website.

  • Online control panel Admin interface to add, remove, modify and all keywords/phrases.
    Add, delete, or modify your database at will right online in seconds.. Includes powerful search function for multiple fields.

A version of this website software [in this case full replication/affiliate software] is used at this site [over 15,000 affiliates worldwide], our parent companies sites and several other websites. We have over 7 years experience building in house solutions for website replication applications.

Website Hosting can be on our servers for compatibility and updates reasons, or any hosting service that includes perl/cgi scripts can run our software.

Real live systems using our technology [ including the website you are viewing this page at ]:

  • Becanada's Cashlinks Reseller Network
    You can sign up free to see some of the systems. This is an advanced system with full member's area, multiple websites, multiple resellers, a two tier reseller system, sales reports, a free classifieds for every members and more... This system has been in operation for over 7 years - with many upgrades over that time. All systems copyright Becanada.

  • Gptsm-Systems / Hostforleads
    You can sign up free to see some of the systems. Gptsm-Systems is an autoresponder network, featuring fully automatic emailing of leads on an unlimited number of client accounts. This is a powerful system with MANY options and systems, plus sub-systems - including MULTIPLE replicating websites on multiple servers. All systems and technology are by Becanada.

Our narrowcast website generation software costs only $197 and comes with a 120 day money back guarantee - plus free install by our techs. Once installed you can then build as many "narrow cast" websites as you want, at will - and then modify them as you wish.Our simple system makes this a snap.

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