Patch Upgrade Page - Oct 22 1999:

PLEASE read this page fully FIRST before install and USE.

This site is to upgrade your version of the Power Submitter Version 7.2 with new improvements and bug fixes.

Only users that have version 7.2+ installed on their computer current should download this patch. The version number can be checked by starting up the Power Submitter, and looking at the main window on start up.


If you downloaded the Power Submitter after Oct 22 1999, 10 PM EST - your version already contains the patch in it and YOU DO NOT need to download and install this patch.

If you have your orginal DOWNLOAD NOTICE from BECANADA ONLY [email], and username and password, you can re-download and re-install the submitter completely, if you so choose - however - please read the USERS NOTES below... If you have deleted/lost this notice, please download the patch below....

General Users' Note:

Before doing any submissions, please click on AUTO UPDATE in the software, when connected to the Net. If you are NORMALLY connected to the net at START UP of the submitter, this update is automatic.

This patch will replace TWO files only - DO NOT DELETE your current version or any files.


For all Windows 95/98/NT users, first download the patch...

  • Click HERE to Download

For MAC & Win 3.1 users ONLY, click here to Download the ZIP file.

  • Click HERE to Download


Double click on the PATCH.EXE file to install the patch [for Mac/Win 3.1 users, PATCH.ZIP].

If you are prompted to OVERWRITE files, answer YES.


If you previously installed the submitter in a different directory, than was specified by default, make sure you select that directory/folder.

If you clicked the link in the software directly [In the AUTO-UPDATE section or the MAIN PAGE], here is where the submitter files are currently located:

[usually it will be: Program Files , Belton Enterprises, Power Submitter for WIN 95/98/NT users].

"How do I know I Did it Right?"

When starting the Power Submitter, you will see a "P+" in the TOP FRAME [followed by CREATE/EDIT ads].


Netscape Browser Users :

If you are using Netscape Browser/Communicator, operation will stay the same - there will only be internal changes.

Microsoft Explorer Users*:

Upon doing an AUTO-SUBMIT, this program will open and close BROWSER windows - this is normal. It is advisable NOT to operate other programs during this type of submissions only - also DO NOT close these windows yourself - they will open and close automatically.

AOL, GOTOWORLD, ALLADVANTAGE browsers and all others:

Because of the changes brought about in this patch, you will not be able to START the software directly in these browsers. This also applies to any users using a "custom version" of a browser for connection to their Internet Service Provider [to "connect" to the net] or users using a GOTOWORLD/ALLADVANTAGE or similiar "custom browser".

Changes made to the submitter, will only allow the program to operate in a "normal" Netscape/Communicator browser  (version 4.0 or higher, 4.6 or 4.7 recommended) or Internet Explorer brower (version 5 recommended) ONLY. "Normal" means you downloaded the browser from  or respectively OR installed from a CD.

Here is how to use the Power Submitter in these situations:

[AOL browser used as an example, all users are the same]:

1. Start up your AOL program and connect [if you need to make a connection to the internet this way].

2. Minimize the window [DO NOT CLOSE IT!].

3. Start up either Netscape browser or Internet Explorer browser OR click on Power Submitter start ICON on your desktop, if this causes NETSCAPE or INTERNET EXPLORER to start up**, with the Power Submitter, then proceed to submissions, otherwise proceed with steps 4, 5 and 6.

4. On the BROWSER WINDOW [In Netscape/Communicator or Internet Explorer*] at the TOP of the SCREEN Click on FILE, OPEN FILE.

5. Browse for the file called index or index.htm in the folder where you installed the Power Submitter. Most users will have this as: PROGRAM FILES, BELTON ENTERPRISES, POWER SUBMITTER.

6. Open this file. [Then BOOKMARK / ADD to FAVORITES it, for use later.]

7. To restart later, repeat steps above. If you BOOKMARKed / ADDed to FAVORITES the file in STEP 6 [index or index.htm] , simple click on the "Bookmark" to start the submitter.

* Internet Explorer: If you start this browser / activate the Power Submitter in this browser, WITHOUT being connected to the net, YOU MAY have to SELECT "WORK ONLINE" when you want to submit. This is located under FILE in the browser.

Also, YOU MAY have to change your "connections" settings in your Internet Explorer browser if you get an error about "not connected to the net" - Click on TOOLS and OPTIONS to access and change this.

** You can reset your file system, to start up the Power Submitter in Internet Explorer by downloading and re-installing this browser.

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