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Search multiple search engines and multiple surf results at the same time while viewing and load websites....

Do everything associated with surfing the internet 10-100 times faster - saving hours of time, effort and money too - every single day...

Search for multiple items at Ebay and other online auctions sites all at the same time - in real time - 50 times faster than you can do now...

Visually surf multiple websites in real time in the blink of an eye all at the same time...

Learn how you can master the Internet like never before, make it work for you and bend it to your will ...

Live and relive the web like a movie - a movie you can build, adjust and control. Build multiple movies... and more...

Have only ONE window open for surfing all websites - 100s of websites possible - NEVER "flip" between windows again.

Shop multiple websites at the same time - shop, compare and save faster and better than ever before...

Switch, surf, navigate, load, and interact with multiple websites seamless and effortlessly - and multi task like never before possible...

"What are you kidding? Look at more than 5, 10, 20, 40 or more websites at the same time? All those open windows / tabs ... flipping from site to site... It takes forever... not to mention if I want to surf them later... why didn't someone come up with this sooner? Now I can surf up to dozens and dozens of websites at the same time, in one window [without clicking], in real time almost instantly... and revisit them [even the surfing history of each one is preserved!]... at will. There is nothing like this... I will never go back to the old way... - just the "POWER SEARCH" [part of the systems] thing saved me hours and hours..."


Dear Friend,

I was sick and tired of doing searching, shopping and any internet activity in such as slow and painful way... so I decided to do something about it.

In the time it took you to just read these few lines of text... maybe a minute or two...

I did more in that time with Power Browser than you could do with a regular browser in 2 hours and that is without a caffeine fix, or bathroom break and probably a few broken finger nails to boot...

EVERY SINGLE thing you do online that involves surfing the internet in any form  - searching, shopping, finding bargains, WAITING for MULTIPLE WEBSITES to load, typing in forms, viewing websites, surfing... you name it - just got better, faster and easier...

You now have a choice - do it the hard way and waste time which used to take hours and hours... now takes minutes and seconds.

MUCH faster... REALLY freaking fast.

First a little bit of history so you know a little more about me:

    Over 14 years ago I wrote the world's first classifieds submitter [actually THE first "submitter" period] for automated submissions to the Yahoo! Free Classifieds. At that time the classifieds were separated into multiple categories with further divisions based on location. To gain total exposure required placing over 1000 ads by hand - a process that took almost 10-20 hours to complete - each time FOR EACH AD!!! In order to be successful, this process had to be repeated again and again... you can see the problem there. So in 1995 I decided [like I did now] to take action... Do not get me wrong - I am not lazy by nature - I just believe that sometimes there is a better way - and to be really blunt there are better things I can do with my time...

    Back then I created a piece of software that was semi-automatic that reduced the time to place ads from 10-20 hours to under 30 minutes. You can imagine the attention my fellow advertisers [and Yahoo!] soon treated me too.

    And then I followed up with a completely automatic product that reduced that time to under 3 minutes... and could place multiple ads at will too.

    And after this ; created software to submit to 1000s of different free advertising sites ; including Yahoo. Since that day I have created and sold 10 of 1000s of units of my automation products worldwide to people in every country in the world. Year by year they became faster, more effective and more automated.

    Last year I created the first system that records your actions on the web like a VCR and allows you to "replay" that "recording" as an automation system that directly builds your own software to further decrease time commitments in advertising and reduce expenses all at the same time - in the same time it would take to manually "place an ad" just once.

But I said to myself... what about the web itself?
All the mundain, repetive, and frankly boring tasks we do daily via Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari or other browsers?

In other words... how to make it [what we do on the web] smarter, faster, more efficient [even more automated] on a universal scale that is based on exactly what we use the web for every day because of one universal constant - we only have a limited amount of time.

The goals were simple:

  1. Reduce the steps involved in every action taken associated with surfing the web - search, bargain hunt, coupon search, shop, view, surf... you name it.

  2. Create a system to encompass that entire workload and make it faster... with fewer clicks and actions required.

  3. Add automation systems that directly reflect Goal 1 and Goal 2 and that reflect how people use the web it make it better.

  4. Add more systems to further automate and shortcut all these automation activities.

  5. Make certain regardless of the internet surfing activity the person is doing, this system makes it simpler and easier.

  6. Make the experience of surfing the web a completely "repeatable" experience.

  7. Make certain that regardless of what you used the web for - business, pleasure, shopping... whatever, Power Browser would make it better, easier and faster.

  8. Make online shopping - that is the act of shopping, comparing and finding the lowest price on any item faster and frankly more enjoyable - and most importantly FASTER than you could do if you visited a mall or 100 malls...

But I wanted more...

  • I wanted a browser that reflected the internet today - not 10 years ago...
  • I wanted to take command of my "website surfing experience" instead of it controlling me...
  • I did not want to click when I did not need too...
  • And I wanted the browser to work for me... not the other way around.
  • And I wanted a browser to actually reflect and enhance what people do online - everything - and make it better and faster.
  • And something that simply made more sense...

One year ago... this was fantasy... today - it is screaming reality.

When I say screaming... I mean wickedly fast.

If a regular internet browser was a car doing 55 MPH...

Power Browser would be over 50 cars ALL doing 500 MPH...

But you will not have to take my word for it - please read the following carefully and learn why. In 10 years, the internet has got better is many ways. It is faster, more reliable, there are more websites. The technology of website design and the richness of websites has increased 10 fold. These are all good things. But something has been missing... In 10 years, the browser itself - that software we view the internet through - has changed little.

Now do not get me wrong - Netscape, Firefox and Internet Explorer's underlying technology has gotten better - more stable, and provides a richer VISUAL experience.

And they added "TABS" ... hmmm.

But what about REAL AUTOMATION? No...

But they ALL perform the same function relatively speaking.

Just the same as any car will get you from point a to point b - regardless of the make or model. Now I know some of you are going to say - what about popup blockers, and tabbed browsing and of course toolbars. These are not new ; they have just been added because before people were paying for them as separate programs. There is nothing particularly wrong with browsers - there are just some things missing... let me explain.

Imagine you are writing a book, creating something in your workshop, gardening, researching something... or some other task.

Let's say you get halfway through... in the real world you can always come back to it and pick up exactly where you left off and continue.

Try that browsing the internet and it turns into a nightmare - especially if you WERE browsing multiple websites.

What if you could take a "snapshot" of exactly what you were doing online and return at any time to pick up exactly where you left off?

Regardless of how many websites you were surfing at once, where you were in that website and so on?

And then you could return, do some more work ; update that snapshot AND/OR create a new one?


And what if you could recall / replay multiple snapshots at will? And of course update them too?

Again... in ONE CLICK.

And what if this was the STARTING POINT of the revolution?

That is correct - this is only the very beginning.

What if you could surf EVERY WEBSITE faster?

At the same time? In the same window? Without switching?

YES - one window - with all the websites you are a surfing inside a system DESIGNED to take full advantage of automation to make all website surfing activities better and faster...

Do you know what that would mean?

  • You would save ALOT of time on almost every internet task   every day you use it.

  • If you are shopping you would be guaranteed to be able to find the lowest price on every item / compare multiple   items FAST.

  • You could do more, in less time.

  • You could create your own internet experiences and recall   them at any time automatically - almost instantly, in exact detail.

If you are getting excited, you better hold on tight to something now... so far I have only talked about one part.

That is correct - this is a internet website browsing engine only.

But... Dave!  

How fast is it?!

How many websites? !?!?

  • 10 to 100 times faster than any browsing experience on earth.

  • Up to 255 open, independently navigable websites at the same time in one window - with instant switching between all. Imagine flipping though a photo album - at a rate of 10 websites a SECOND.

  • Integrated multiple automatic website loading systems and management systems ; yes - you can LOAD UP multiple websites at the same time automatically managed for you.

  • Independent save able history records for every website that capture all navigation - forward or back including last scroll position.

  • One click SAVE, One Click Load "snapshots"- no limits. A "Snapshot" consists of the entire group of up to 255 websites, their histories of navigation and exactly where you left off for EVERY WEBSITE.

  • And it works just like your current browser.

HOLY @#@$!

Hold on... that is just the Internet Power Browser Engine.

If you are excited now, the best is yet to come...

Inside the Power Browser are even MORE automation systems...

To learn about Power Browser and it's systems and how it can make your internet surfing experience many times faster , save you hours and hours of time each use, save you money and generally enhance all surfing activities click on:

  • FASTER? to compare how you can do typical tasks using Power Browser and see how it compares to regular surfing.

  • Benefits section for specific benefits to using Power Browser every day...

  • Features for a quick list of some of the features in Power Browser.

  • Requirements for Power Browser [it runs on all windows platforms].

But if you really want to experience the Power Browser for yourself right now - I will make you a deal...

  1. Download any full version of the Power Browser now - with an unconditional money back guarantee.

    USE it now, save money in your online purchases [you can find the bargains; and find them faster] , save 100s of hours of time, stop useless clicking, window flipping and more forever... and experience the difference in less than 5 minutes from now.

    If for ANY reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase we will give you a full refund - no questions asked within 30 days.
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  2. OR... GET IT FREE right now!

    Do not take my word for it - and force me to put my money where my mouth is...
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    You can download a full trial version now - free , instantly - which will remain active for 15 days.
    This trial version is a FULLY ACTIVATED version of the Power Browser Basic.
    You may upgrade to a full version registered version at any time.

Either option is completely risk free to you...

It's really up to you - do you want to waste time hours surfing the net the hard way or do it the easy way now?

Start in less than 5 minutes surfing it the easy way... today, tomorrow and on and on... and start saving 100s of hours of time, $1000s of hard earned dollars and stop wasting time with useless clicking, window flipping and more starting now.

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and do not take my word for it - see it yourself in action now!

Your Truly,
David Belton Software Enterprises INC

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