The Features Power Browser has to help you get more from the web every day, in less time the easy way...

  • Works exactly like your regular browser with enhancements and short cuts.
  • Flip between websites and navigate multiple websites in microseconds without leaving the main window.
  • De-clutter your desktop by having all website surfing windows in one window.
  • Never again doubt you are in a secure window.
  • Choose where you load new websites.
  • Visually surf multiple sites at a time.
  • Surf sites while other sites load automatically.
  • Save and Load entire surf sessions.
  • Super navigate multiple website surfing histories in a the blink of an eye.
  • Use the Smart Type wizard to intelligently fill in forms on any website.
  • Power Load dozens of websites at the same time.
  • Comparison shop dozens of websites.
  • Power Search - Search multiple search engines for multiple terms at the same time.
  • Power Auction- Search multiple auctions engines for multiple terms at the same time.
  • Create your own "surfing sessions" to create custom experiences you can load with one click.

To learn about Power Browser and it's systems and how it can make your internet surfing experience many times faster , save you hours and hours of time each use, save you money and generally enhance all surfing activities click on:

  • FASTER? to compare how you can do typical tasks using Power Browser and see how it compares to regular surfing.
  • Benefits section for specific benefits to using Power Browser every day...
  • Features for a quick list of some of the features in Power Browser.
  • Requirements for Power Browser [it runs on all windows platforms].

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