Becanada Refund / Cancelation Policies / Special Protection Policies For Your Business

Becanada has been in business now for over 15 years has 1000s of clients worldwide. Becanada is committed to creating and selling quality products and services and supporting said products and services with prompt support service via phone and/or email response as quickly as is humanly possible in all circumstances. Becanada also provides free internet training monthly via 3 FREE newsletters.

These policies apply to ALL Becanada products and services; including all additional websites/services owned by or sold by Becanada directly. If you are having problems installing, using or learning to use a product / service ; please let us know - we are here to help you succeed. Before requesting a refund please let us know if you are have an issue[s] with a product and/or service; as most issues are easy to correct.

These policies have been in place since we began our business .

FREE Products / Services Support - Included:

This includes FREE support with marketing issues on products / services applicable to marketing online. Please see our FAQ section for product[s]/service[s] ordered first; there is also a contact form here to get support ( click "Support" drop down tab at top of this page) . This unique support is also provided on all other types of products and/or services as they relate to internet marketing too AT NO CHARGE. We believe that helping you succeed should be part of any "purchase" so to speak.

Business / Hosting / Website / Service Protection Policy:

Because there are times where payment issues can arise and affect certain types of service[s] specific to your business / website / livelihood ; we have a special policy to govern this situation to protect your interests with subscription based services.

If your payment fails after maximum number of attempts to bill service will be disabled. Notice[s] will be sent to you immediately to quickly resolve this issue.

During this disablement period; your account / service will still exist but will be removed after 30+ days if payments are not brought up to date. This period is at least 30 days; but can exceed 60 days.

This is our "fairness" clause ; specifically in place for Hosting Accounts  / Dedicated Servers  / Domain Names and preservation of your business / data and so forth.

Products and Services Refund Policy:

Products / Services work as advertised and described on platform[s] as noted; this is guaranteed. This policy applies to all Desktop / Laptop PC based ["Windows Platforms"], Tablet, Mac, ITunes, AppStore, server based products/services ["hosting based or cloud based"] and "internet/website" (online, browser based ) products and services. Generally speaking; any product or service we sell is covered under the following general terms and conditions.

If there are any issues of any kind; we will work with you until they are resolved. Most issue[s] are simple to resolve ; please contact us if you are having a problem with a product or service asap. We will work with you to help you get the most out of your purchase during and after the guarantee period ; just ask ; we will help you.

Each product has it's own refund period and conditions ; please see the webpage[s] and/or website describing the product[s] or service[s] for exact time period and/or conditions.

Refunds requests are based on the product[s] and/or service[s] itself only - reply to any email received by us for a refund ; please state the reason[s] for refund for prompt processing. Your feedback is used for future product / service improvements. Please note that under no circumstances will refunds be issued for reasons beyond the product[s] and/or service[s] itself nor after the refund period has expired.  

Important conditions for CERTAIN TYPES of PRODUCT orders:

  • If a product was shipped to you [Example: CD ROM]; you MUST RETURN IT in resalable condition first before any refund will be granted. Shipping charges are NON REFUNDABLE.
  • If you product has activation key[s] these will be disabled on the date of the refund.
  • If product was installed for you OR by you online [on a server or hosting account] it MUST BE REMOVED by our techs ; otherwise no refund will be granted.
  • If a product [server based / hosting based ] has been modified by you and/or a third party without authorization; no refunds will be permitted.

For services / online "cloud products/service"; that are billed regularly [ie monthly] such as website hosting, submissions services and the like; you will receive a refund based on  the following:

  • A pro-rated refund for remainder of the period of the service if more than 30 days.
  • Dedicated servers can ONLY BE cancelled prior to 28 th of the month. There are no pro-rated refunds on these due to third party charges.
  • If you made a pre-payment for services; refund will be processed for remaining month[s] of service ; and pro-rated month where applicable.
  • If a violation of our terms of service occurs [ie hosting issue; like a spam complaint/shutdown] ; there will be no refund.
  • If you cancel any subscription without notice; said service will be immediately disabled; for a period of 30 days minimum- BUT NOT REMOVED or DELETED.

Non-refundable Items:

Please note the following are non-refundable:

  • Any labor for customization or installation above included customization / labor for your order or product.
  • Any shipping charges for shipping a physical product to you.
  • Custom modules or custom programming services.
  • Misc third party charges. [ie if we order a domain name for you from a third party service to be registered]

Labor and Special Services Refund Policy:

Labor services refer to website design, custom programming, custom modules, special services and the like - this is specialized support ordered by you. All custom services and/or labor is guarantee to meet requirements as set out at time of request / purchase. We will work with you to ensure the product and/or service works to your satisfaction as is humanly possible in all circumstances.

Labor services are not refundable once rendered ; as it is a labor service and is customized to your EXACT requirements. Labor services are quoted on a case by case basis for new and current projects.

Custom Products / Custom Projects / Custom Services Refund Policy:

A "product" / "service" is considered "customized" if the core product/service was changed to meet a specific requirement[s] you request above and beyond the "standard" product / service programming, base product or service or setup. We will of course work with you to ensure the "custom product / service" meets all your requirements within reason; as we stand by what we sell and create. If you order a custom project and/or service with both core components [product] and labor for customization of said products then these are deemed a "combined product" and only the NON CUSTOMIZED components will be refunded as applicable.

If you have a custom project or pending adjustments/updates or customizations you must CANCEL before work / updates / changes begin; once work has started; no refunds will be granted.

Chargeback / Disputed Purchase / Dis-honored Payment:

If a chargeback or dispute occurs your product[s] and/or service[s] will be immediately DISABLED and/or removed as the case dictates. A fee to re-activate may be required depending on the circumstances of the issue and the product[s] and/or service[s] involved in said issue.

By making a purchase[s] at our website[s] you agree to be bound by the policies as
noted in this section and the Terms Of Service [this website] and Privacy Policy (as applicable) sections.

If you have ANY questions about these policies and/or any other questions ;
including questions about our products/services - please contact us.

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