Pay Per Click Search Engines

A guide to PPCSE, followed by complete list of of key sites, "mega" sites that list more listings, and a free "72 Search" Search Engine to find more resources from all over the net and the world. Pay per click engines result in better searchs - they also allow advertisers to BID on RANKINGS [from .001 Cents and up] - on a per click basis.

1. A List of Key Sites On The Internet:

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2. A List of "MEGA" Sites that list even more websites...

Becanada Compiled list of PAY per CLICK Search Engines
These listings are duplicated checked and regularly "404" dead link checked.

These sites contain 100s , in some cases thousands of more sites...

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Pay Per Click Search Engines - HOW TO GUIDE

By David Belton, Owner BECANADA, Copyright 2002.

Today, in point form, I am going to attempt to help you "weed" 
through this massive flow of Internet Information 
overload... hopefully to assist you to get your internet 
and sales goals on track.

Keep in mind, this is general information. Any product, service or 
opportunity you intend to sell, will require CONSTANT 
refinement - and will have a slightly different approach then 
another product, service or opportunity... success is 
all in the details and understanding of them...

Pay-Per-Click-Search Engines

The are over 200 PPCSE online today... but it terms 
of how to use them and which ones to pick - these are the big issues. 
For this example we will look at - the 
biggest and most heavily trafficked.

If you are not familiar with PPCSE, visit ... it you
are serious about using PPCSE , visit at least an hour !

RULE 1 - If your bid is high per click - include cost.

If you are on a limited budget, and the terms you want cost a lot
per click make certain you include DETERRENTS in the ad copy, such
as price. Check the term "web hosting" for example, at a whopping
$6 per click... to see this in action.

RULE 2 - Understand your listing may appear different on "partner"
sites to PPCSE engines.

Many pay per click search engines, have partnerships with "free"
listing search engines, such as Yahoo for example. What this means
is when someone does a search at Yahoo, 3 top PPCSE listings
for that term are listed, along with the "free listings".

At Yahoo only a portion of the PPCSE "ad" is listed, which can
lead to different results, than a listing directly at PPCSE.
Check out "free classifieds" listing via and then
the same one at to see this in action.

RULE 3 - Monitor your listings DAILY.

Remember you are in competition, in some cases a lot of
competition for those top 3 listings - because they appear
on so many web sites/additional search engines.

RULE 4 - This should be rule 1 - make certain your
website is "up to par" with other competing websites...

If you website is not complete, or up to par with other websites
competing for the same customer[s], under the same search 
terms - GET IT UP TO PAR. Offer something at your website[s]
that increase the value of your offering...

RULE 5 - Understand HOW your "clicks" come to be...

This may seem a little strange - let me explain.

On some PPCSE they offer what is called "incentives" to visit
websites - for example "cashback"... this creates a whole group
of "visitors" [which costs YOU MONEY] with little or no intention
to buy from you.

Be very wary in this case. You can see your ad budget eaten
up in a heartbeat with nothing to show for it.

RULE 6 - Know when your "customers" are online.

With the majority of PPCSE when you bid or adjust your bids, 
the updates are instant. If you know from previous history 
when you get the most clients - IE 5 PM - 9 PM, Tues, WEd, Thur... 
then bid up at that time.

RULE 7 - TEST and Track.

Constantly test new terms carefully and 
watch results daily, weekly, and monthly.

Check how much they cost - and traffic they get [eyeballs
looking for your product, service or opportunity].

Then test your SALES VS COST ratio.
This is the only sure way to make money with PPCSE listings.

These "RULES" should help you get the most or at least get you on track
to getting the most out of PPCSE.

David Belton, Owner BECANADA
David Belton Software Enterprises INC
Copyright 2002.

3. Search Engine Search...

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