"Increasing and/or automating sales / profits generation is about having a product, service or opportunity in demand, learning how to 'sell it' [ad copy, website design] and getting the 'word out' as fast and as repeatedly as possible on a regular basis.

There are three types of sales generation - short term or immediate sales generation, long term sales generation and repeat sales/secondary sales from current clients/newsletters/email lists etc etc. Getting people to your website over and over again is the key - as it can take up to 7 times for someone to see your 'ad message' to visit and/or purchase and/or visit your website[s]. Following up with 'leads' will yeild 50% or more profits ; if done on a regular basis."

Below will be a list of products, services, how to information, articles, newsletters and resources and how each can help you increase your sales/profits generation. Note that new resources, links, newsletters and articles are added each week.I

NEW SECTION - Top 20 ways to increase  and/or automate sales generation. Updates Daily.

In bullet points will be key notes on each and how they can increase and/or automate sales online.
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Power Submitter V10.07- 200 Times Faster than typing!

You can now reach millions of Internet users in minutes with only a few clicks, save 100s of hours of tedious labour and watch your sales and traffic increase in less than 15 minutes from now! New technology allows you to fully automate unlimited submissions to 1000s of the most popular free Classifieds online and automate submissions to 1000s of more websites [all types] 200 times faster than you can do by hand. New websites added in real time automatically at no charge. Plus you can automate all your "day to day" internet activities too. And now with new automated AOS technologies you can build new submissions modules [no limits on modules, language or websites] to further extend the power of Power Submitter to whatever potential you require. Exclusive limited time offer of $400 in bonuses included free until . Try it now risk free.
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Sales Bullet point [immediate, repeat sales]:

This software increases sales without increasing your advertising budget because it automates the process of "getting the word out" to websites that allow you to place your ads free. Want more sales? Just use it more often.

ISELL V3.1 "Lead Generation" and Classifieds Service System for Website owners

Create an instant increase in traffic, repeat traffic, mailing lists, business leads, and revenue multiple ways...easily, quickly and automatically via a powerful self-maintaining classifieds service right at your website[s]. Easy to use online control panel, with full instructions and training provided. Free professional install included for a limited time - a $50 value. Works on 99% of all paid hosting services and most free hosting services. Money back guaranteed - try it risk free now.
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Sales Bullet Point [long term sales system]:

This product [4 versions] allows to collect email addresses, send ads to people posting ads, display ads/banners while people post/view ads and so on - it is an automated sales vehicle.

How to use
Affiliate Power to make sales.

Free sales from resellers - Turn Your Website[s] Into Cash Machines:

Get people selling your products and services for you - at almost no cost to you! In only a short period of time you can reduce your advertising costs and marketing efforts. Need replication software for your website[s] to have people resell for you?
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Sales Bullet Point [short term and long term sales system]:

This automated system turns any website into a replicated system that people can join and use to promote your products and/or services. This way by sharing part of the sales, you get more links and people help increase your income without effort on your part.

Long term sales are generated by affiliates joining your program and adding links on their websites and/or third party websites.

List in Search Engines now!

Power Submitter Search Engine Submissions Software

Five STAR rating from Tucows and ZNET ! This easy-to-use software allows you to add/edit/remove your own engines and create custom databases so you have complete control over your submissions. Available in Standard, Pro and Enterprises editions. Power Search Engine Submitter Pro is a valuable tool that automates the process of instantly submitting your Website to over 750,000 submission sites. Try it risk free now - 3 versions.
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Sales Bullet Point [some short term, mostly long term sales]:

Search Engine submissions lead to long term links at engines people use to find you online. Keep in mind this is a long term sales generation tactic and will take time to implement - as search engines can take from 2 days to 2 months to add/index your website once you have submitted it. You need this product to do initial submissions and then followup submissions every 30 days.

You should also see leads generation and traffic generation sections as
Sales/Profits generation is closely tied to these important tasks.

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