Upgrades Listing:

This page is about information about getting upgrades to
previous versions of all software products by BECANADA.


With the introduction of the Power Submitter, modules for it will be
released to increase it's abilities. You will be emailed, as each module is released.


Upgrades for the Power Submitter are sent FREE by email approximately every 30-60 days
TO the EMAIL ADDRESS you used when you purchased the product originally -
this may change without notice. Other software upgrades will be sent depending on
current conditions (ie Browser changes, bug fixes etc etc.)

Versions 9 and higher - most updates via online interface.


All usernames, passwords AND website URLs for download files for upgrades are
CASE SENSITIVE - if you are having a challenge downloading the upgrade,
chances are there is an error in username or password (this gives a 'Authorization error')
or if the download file address is in correct, it leads you to BECANADA.





are TWO different webpages.

Current versions are:

  • Version 7 releases July 10 1999
  • Version 7.2 EXTREME releases Sept 10 1999.
  • Version 8.00 Power Submitter Unlimited release date April 15,
    additional release date [for updates to users], April 21 and April 28.
  • Version 8.5 releases August 31 to Sept 7.
  • Version 9 released Feb 2001
  • Version 9.1 released Dec 2001 - bug fix for users with Internet Explorer 6.
  • Patch for 9/9.1 users and back/forward buttons - March 2002.

If you DID NOT receive an update, click HERE to EMAIL us.
Include your FULL NAME AND ADDRESS, and approximate date of purchase.

Small Cost:

We do offer, for a small costs upgrades from OLDER versions
of the software to newer versions / upgrades versions of the current software line...

You Have: Upgrade To: COST
Top 100/Top100PRO Free Classifieds Submitter,
Top150/Top150 PRO Free Classifieds Submitter,
Top 400 PRO
Power Submitter (Fully Automatic) $30 US
Yahoo! Submitter Software Power Submitter (Fully Automatic) $70 US
Hyperpaste1000 Software Power Submitter (Fully Automatic) $70 US

To order upgrades, please click HERE and check off the upgrade choice you want...



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