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But let me back up a moment...

Far and above the best way to promote your product, service or opportunity is via direct, targeted email - people you are ALLOWED to email. The challenge is 99% of people do not know how to do this, and due to the time involved, just never do it... this can be the make or break it factor in making a profit online. Plus 99% of the people do not have lists they can email... Hmmm...

Today that changes... Today that becomes automated...

Here is the challenge:

How do I get people to leave me their name and email address so I can email me them about my product, service or opportunity? [This is HARD work - you will be lucky if you get 1 in 10...]

The Answer: Free Classifieds.

FACT: Email, done properly will out sell all other forms of advertising, and is more cost effective and faster than all other forms of marketing online.

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We have surveyed 1000s of Free Classifieds sites on the net...They can be powerful - automated money makers... if people are taught how... Some know, but it's so "cumbersome" its a great effort - too great for the time restrictions people have to live under day after day...

So today, we are going to give you the software for free to make money using FREE CLASSIFIEDS, 5 different ways, at your website...

Yes, 5 Ways.. opps 6 Ways!!!

  • This completely automated, completely online system, will be yours free - worth up to $199...

  • Plus FREE re-distribution rights too...

What's our angle?

We have a long range marketing plan based on a single link, in the copyright notice of the software... at the bottom of the screen [link, not banner].

What do you get?

A completely automated, online system to:

  • Show paid banners with...top of every screen.

  • Email 2 messages on each ad placement.

  • Email 2 messages on each ad expire.

  • Email the ENTIRE category of advertisers online in 30 seconds, instantly, at any time - directly online.

  • Sell name and email lists - just copy and paste from online.

  • Run a full online PAID classifieds service [you set rates!].

Webmasters Features:

  • Fully Automated
    System accepts posts, deletes and modifies automatically 24/7. Also includes AUTO-PURGE if the database get close to full for a category.

    Now block unwanted people posting ads at your site!

  • Online Interface
    Simple online fill in the blank interface for ALL FUNCTIONS AND SETTINGS. Instant changes - master admin password to override all functions.

  • Fast 1 File Install
    Only 1 file to install, takes about 5 minutes, on first run everything auto-sets to defaults.

  • Revenue Source
    You can charge for paid ads [no limit!], and also banners at the top of the screen AND email each category of users directly online with your offers  - also can be personalized and includes list of all specifics on advertising for people selling mailling lists.

  • Unlimited Categories
    No limits, modify and delete real time.

  • Unlimited Ads
    No Limits on database sizes.

  • "Anti Spam/Anti Duplicate system"
    This free feature will stop people from double posting in your site and stop most submissions software too.

  • "Send Ad VIA Email to a Friend"
    This free feature will allow people viewing your ads to quickly FORWARD your entire ad via email to a friend in less than 1 minute AND your ads [2 of them!] are also forwarded on EVERY EMAIL too!

  • Free, Paid, Banner Ads
    You can accept FREE ads, Paid Ads, and banner ads [banners are not automated].

  • Auto Email Advertisers
    Simple online form, choose category and type in your message - it's done!

  • It's Free!
    This script is free from BECANADA - download it right now  - no expiry!!!

Plus unlimited online changes to the site, including instant categories, modifications, changes and much more... And a powerful GLOBAL component - that links all people using the script together... when someone requests global information, YOU get advertising of your site for FREE.

Plus you get FREE training - including a newsletter to TEACH people with the ISELL Free Classifieds script, how to build, promote and use it properly.

What do the advertisers [people that post to your site get]?.

  • Automated hourly ad rotation.

  • Full links email and Url.

  • "email to a friend" .

  • Rapid viewing of ads.

See more advertisers Features

What do the viewers of your ads get:

  • Complete search of a category.

  • Local Keyword search

  • Global keyword search.

  • "email ad to a friend"
    NOTE: Email to a friend is ANOTHER revenue and "visitor" source, as two ads, in addition to the advertisers ad are included PLUS a link to your website.

See more reader Features

Additional Features and Benefits

For everyone that installs this free script, you get free global advertising, as well as free training on how to promote your classifieds site...

NEW in This Version:

  • Earn 50% commissions on all sales of Isell Classifieds Software Silver, Gold and upcoming versions - just activate the link!

  • Plus optional Links to BEST-HOST website hosting, to earn commissions 15-25%
    [this is optional, and can be turned on or off at any time.]

  • Plus optional Links to Power Submitter Free Classifieds Software, to earn commissions 25%
    [this is optional, and can be turned on or off at any time.]

What our clients are saying...

I am now requesting a free install of ISELL. Can't wait to use it.

Looking forward to receiving free install of ISELL, I understand it will take some time.

Thank you for your help.
Nancy Capriglione


Thanks for the great script. I've been searching for a great classifieds script that I could use to operate my own classifieds site. This one fits the bill.

Mitchell A. McQueen

Hi Dave,

Thank you so much for setting up my iSell.

It is great!
Bonnie (Doucet)

Thank you for installing your isell script.

It's quite a piece of work, as well as helping other people. Great idea.


I have installed the script to my server and it is working great and the script is just what my site need.

Jacquolyn Rudd

Wow I can't believe how much traffic I'm getting now.

Thanks Dave
Mike Schur


I never hope to find a better resource for classifieds sites than your.Simply outstanding.

I feel I should have paid for this.Since I am India, I have limited resources in US$.

Thanks a lot. Badri

Hi Dave:

I want to thank you for every thing you have did for me on my Isellsetup classifieds.

You know it would take me about 3 to 5 weeks to get some one to give me help to get that done and with some other Company that I have paid for the software, but with your FREE software you did it in 2 day.

Thank you again, George Whitecraft

Cool script! I love it.

Nice script though one of the best I've seen yet.

Thanks for script.
Randy Adams

Dear Sales at Becanada:

This is to sincerely thank you for the gift of the free software you have so generously awarded me. I shall look forward to implementing this software and learning more of the business on the Internet thanks to your able assistance. This is highly appreciated. I will remain forever grateful to you, as you have opened up this opportunity to me where it may not have been available for me for some time to come.

Sincerely, Marilynn Stark

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If you need somewhere to "host" your new classifieds site for free, this will be included in the email you receive after clicking on the button below... we also provide a free install service.

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