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  • Free, Global & Paid Ads - place a free ad, a free global ad [broadcast network wide] or a paid ad.
    [Click on the category of your choice to place an ad - go to the bottom of the screen]

  • Exclusive 'last view' of Ad - before expiring, regardless of the length of expiry your ad will be show one last time.

  • Email on Expiry of Ad - You will get an automatic email on expiry of your ad reminding you to repost and where to do it.

  • Anti Email Harvesting - Safeguards are built in to prevent people from harvesting your email address using email stripping programs.

  • Hourly Ads Rotation - All ads rotate hourly to ensure even exposure for all ads.

  • "Send Ad VIA Email to a Friend" - This free feature will allow people viewing your ads to quickly FORWARD your entire ad via email to a friend in less than 1 minute.

  • Modify / Delete By Password - You have unlimited number of modifications and may delete your ad at an time.
    [Click on the category of your choice to Modify/Delete an ad - go to the bottom of the screen]

  • Many Ad Expiry periods - You have from 1 hour to 30 days, and you can choose longer periods [paid ads] if you so choose [this varies from site to site].
    [Click on the category of your choice to place an ad - go to the bottom of the screen]

Silver and Gold Versions

Get BETTER results in less time now that pays for itself over and over again starting today...

Silver and Gold Versions include all the features of the free version and has a lot more customization, automatic advertising, email list generation functions plus much more... these premium versions offer you more ways to generate better leads at higher rates, and higher sales than our free version.

Power packed classifieds services solutions to automate traffic, leads generation and sales that include all the free version features and more, including complete customization and emailing systems plus get over $400 in Internet Marketing Bonuses for a limited time ... Earn 50% commissions and more...

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NEW! Platinum Version

Get the MAXIMUM results possible now from your classifieds service that pays you back day after day automatically plus earn money on paid ads where you keep 100% of the profit too and more...

Isell Platinum includes all the features of the free, Silver, Gold ISell versions and the Paid Ads Module in one plus even more features too... this premium version offers you more ways to generate better leads at higher rates, and higher sales than our free version plus includes a "hands free" module to accept payments [100% profit] for premium ads 24/7 plus a whole lot more...

PLUS it includes unlimited categories, unlimited sub-categories plus get over $400 in Internet Marketing Bonuses for a limited time. Earn 50% commissions. Read what other webmasters have to say about the Platinum version of Isell Classifieds software.

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Active Free Versions

Free versions will display the SAME left column at the categories section, talking about the Isell classifieds itself. The headers and footers also can not be personalized in these versions. They also do not have the powerful emailing system and rotating subjects and so on... they are however fully functional.

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The free version does NOT expire - you are free to download it and use it forever... you can even install it on multiple websites... or give it away as a bonus at your own website[s]...

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