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Discover a fascinating series of secret marketing experiments that reveal the easiest methods to increase your online sales by 412% or more!

'Mind Control Marketer' Mark Joyner's unique discoveries have already astounded the web marketing community and his methods have set precedent for years to come.  Anyone serious about internet marketing would be a fool to ignore this information.

Confidential Internet Intelligence Manuscript:
by Mark Joyner, #1 International Best-Selling Author of ""

"This is TRULY the best product I've ever laid my virtual hands on, and I mean 'best' to be the one that has inspired the most excitement, and that will generate the MOST profit for me... hands down." - Harmony Major,

From: Mark Joyner
To: Any Aspiring Web Marketer

What if I had a collection of these techniques that took me years to test and perfect, would you want to use them?

Of course, and that's why people are going crazy about this. No other marketer has ever revealed information this sensitive. For years I've kept this information quiet.

You have probably heard the buzz that I finally released my Confidential Internet Intelligence Manuscript to the public.

Jay Conrad Levinson said he'd easily pay $2,000 or more for this document.  He said, "every page was a true revelation."

Joe Vitale said, "everyone selling anything on the net should keep a copy of this on their desk."

This simple document is probably the most powerful thing I've ever written.

These aren't just theories and guesses - these are specific things you can do right now that will increase your sales. And each of these techniques has been scientifically proven.

It reveals the results of years or research conducted here at Aesop showing exactly the simple techniques I use that dramatically increase Internet sales.  One of these techniques increased our sales by a clearly measurable 412%.

If I could reach out and grab you through this monitor I'd shake you to make you realize how important what I'm about to show you is.

Confidential Internet Intelligence Manuscript is the product of years of experience coming from a man who revolutionized the web marketing industry with some of the most popular sites on the Net, creating a multi-million dollar enterprise and becoming the #1 best-selling author of on Amazon in just 48 hours.

So when Mark Joyner reveals his underlying strategies to one of the most successful web marketing campaigns of all time, people are ready to listen.  Here's what a few of his colleagues are saying about Confidential Internet Intelligence Manuscript:

"We decided to try a few of Mark's proven strategies, step-by-step, just as he suggested. To my  astonishment - both our daily web traffic and sales increased. These techniques can be worth millions to you." 
- Vic Conant, President, Nightingale-Conant 

"Everyone selling on the Internet should keep a copy of this on their desk.  These ideas will definitely increase your sales.  The studies, the research, and the findings that this report reveals are profoundly eye-opening and money-making."   
- Joe Vitale, author, Hypnotic Marketing

"The rest of the manuscript was extremely useful, but I have to tell you: the suggestions on increasing email response rates were the best I've seen anywhere. I've sold millions of dollars worth of products for my clients using nothing but email to drive traffic to web-based sales letters. I believe we could have increased that by at least a million dollars in each of the last two years with this information." 
- Paul Meyers,

The easy-to-use ideas in this 50 page report are based on scientifically verified marketing tests conducted by statisticians and marketing analysts hired by Mark.

Included in this 50 page report:

  • Mark's Unique Market Testing Method

    Learn exactly how Mark conducts market tests on the Internet.  Learn why almost all the testing on the Internet is producing worthless results and how Mark has been able to reproduce his results over and over again.

  • Specific Response Increasing Tools

    Find out the simple methods Mark has used to increase the sales rate for his offers by 412% or more, including:

    - Which day of the week is best for sending your emails?  (The results will surprise you!  It surprised us.  We conducted detailed testing to answer this question once and for all.)

    - Little order form tricks you can implement in minutes that will increase sales dramatically.  One of these ideas can be put into action in less than 5 minutes and will increase your sales by 32% or more.  How much will this be worth to you over time?

    - The exact formula Mark uses to get outrageous response to his email offers.  We break it down for you precisely and show you how to apply it to your own emails.  One of these ideas increased our sales by 412%.

    - And more ...

  • Survey Data about Internet Buying Behavior

    Part of this information was collected using an extensive survey of thousands of netizens.  We'll give you insights into their buying behavior that will shock you. 

  • Much More ...

Experts are agreeing that this is the best writing on the topic of Internet Marketing ever. It's probably because this document, better than anything before it, cuts through all the hype and just gives you the exact, scientifically tested methods for increasing sales. Nothing shows you so clearly how to increase your sales so clearly.  

This is not just hype.  Read what people are actually saying:

"CIIM was ... AMAZING! I was so disappointed when it was over. But this is quite literally now THE best marketing & online business product I've had the privilege of reading in all of my four years online. It was spectacular!"
- Harmony Major,

"CIIM outlines specific testing methods and even provides examples so you know exactly how to apply these tactics to your marketing campaign.  The results are clearly measurable, even after applying the simplest tricks revealed in CIIM!"
- Steve Ice,

"Thank you so very much for this boost to my web sales process. CIIM without a doubt brings a boost to mail being opened, responses, click thrus, and bottom line SALES!"
- dEE Handler,

And this document is so easy to understand.  It makes increasing your sales easier than ever. There is nothing else like this.  You can try it risk free and find out for yourself. And if you act right away to get your copy of CIIM, you'll also receive the following super bonus:

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If you order CIIM right now, you'll receive the following incredible bonus manuscript:

"How My Book Became an Amazon #1 Best-Seller in 48 Hours" by Mark Joyner, #1 International Best-Selling Author of ""

"I've been in the book industry for years as an author and a distributor.  Hands-down, Mark Joyner's new book is the most dramatic skyrocket to best-selling success I've ever seen. If you want to call yourself 'International Best-Selling Author' this report should become your BIBLE." - Mark Levy, author, Accidental Genius

This report details the blow-by-blow account of how I became an Amazon #1 Best-Seller within 48 hours of my books official launch.  Do you think best-selling books occur by accident?  What the big authors aren't telling you is that every step of the process is deliberate and calculated.  Would you like to call yourself "#1 International Best-Selling Author?"  What would that mean for your business?  Of course this added credibility would increase the sales for any product or service you recommend.  The question is, will you follow these steps yourself?

This easy-to-understand blow-by-blow report shows exactly the steps Mark took to be come a best-selling author.  Nothing is held back.  Nothing is hidden.   He tells everything.

Included in this detailed report:

  • How to Publish Your Book

    We'll tell you everything you need to know:

    - Haven't written a book yet?  No problem, we'll show you how to select an appropriate topic and how to get your book written in no time.  I'll even show you how to find a ghost-writer if you want one (I personally didn't use one.  I wrote every word myself, but I did use a a few editors.  I'll show you exactly how to do that.)

    - The 7 things you must know before you even think about going to the printers.  If you miss these 7 your book will fall flat on its face.

    - The pros and cons of publishing methods.  How to get published by a professional publishing house - and - how to do it yourself.

    - How to get your book registered with the proper authorities.  If you miss these little-known steps, no one will distribute your book.  

    - How to get distribution for your book.  We'll give you the magic formula distributors are looking for.

    - How to get your book into Amazon and other online distribution sources.

    - Mark's checklist to see if your book has what it takes to become a best-seller.

    - Much more...

  • The Exact Strategy Mark Used

    There is a very specific deliberate process Mark followed.  He'll tell you the exact process (step-by-step) and the reasoning behind it.  (Warning: every part of this process is crucial.  If one single piece is out of place it won't work.  If you've only received emails promoting this report, you're only getting 10% of the story.  There is much more to it than that.  He'll show you every piece of the best-selling author puzzle and how you can put it together yourself immediately.  Anyone with a bit of talent and persistence can do it. Mark just takes out all of the guesswork.)

  • The Precise Tactics Mark Employed
    (Including the actual marketing materials Mark used that you can duplicate!)

    - See the actual emails Mark used to get people to buy the book.

    - See the exact method he employed to rally support behind the book.

    - Learn how to make people fall in love with your book before they even see it.

     - Learn the two clever tactics Mark used that blasted his book from #2 to #1... even past a book that was on CNN every 30 minutes!  These two tricks made the difference between "International Best-Selling Author" and "#1 International Best-Selling Author."

  • Much More ...

"You may know me as the author of the best-selling series of marketing books of all time: Guerrilla Marketing.  I've never seen someone become a best-seller so quickly.  If I had known Mark Joyner years ago I probably would have sold 10 times the number of books I've sold up to now.  Coming from a guy who really knows how to sell books, I hope you understand what a huge compliment this is.  I really mean it.  If you are even thinking about publishing a book, you're crazy if you don't learn from what Mark did."
Jay Conrad Levinson, author, Guerilla Marketing

The Confidential Internet Intelligence Manuscript normally sells for $197 (and that's a steal - think about it - how much will this info be worth to you?), but for the next few days (only! - this offer will expire - we won't do this again) here's what we're going to do:

Get both the Confidential Internet Intelligence Manuscript and How My Book Became an Amazon #1 Best-Seller in 48 Hours  by Mark Joyner with the following money-back guarantee:

Read and study CIIM, apply the tactics you discover, run the tests and see for yourself.  We're so confident in what it has to offer you, if after faithfully applying the ideas in this report to your own marketing efforts you are not able to increase your sales by at least 35% and the response to your offers by 55% we will give you your money back and you will keep the manuscripts!

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